Friday, August 26, 2005

There's No Place Like Home

We are in the process of moving from the yellow house to the blue house. It came up quite suddenly, and most of our stuff is at the blue house, but we're still at the yellow house. I've never felt sad to leave a home before, (and this is the sixth move we've made since we've been married) but I'm sad to leave this one. This one has really felt like home. Jed is finally making friends in Priesthood quorum (after 3 years) and now we're leaving.

I like the blue house. I wanted to move there. I will like living there. Jed and his parents are painting it so nicely and my brothers-in-law and dad are fixing up the bathroom. Hazel's toys that resided in the dining/family room will have their own space downstairs and I won't have to go outside to change my laundry. Things will be great at the blue house.

But what about my neighbors here? They like me and I like them. What about my ward? I am busy there and they need me, don't they? What about my orange bedroom? What if someone hates the orange and, sniff sniff, paints over it (most likely my dad, the grouchy owner) ?

But I like the blue house. I want to go to the blue house, I just don't want to leave the yellow house. Hazel won't remember this home that she's loved so much and my other kids won't care that we lived here. I'll always love this yellow house though--and I just bet it will always love me too.

An afterthought about ugly houses:
Ugly houses. Someone built them and when they built them they thought, 'What a nice home'. Sometimes it is maddening to me when I see new homes being built that are ugly. Think of all the money being wasted on ugly homes! Give me that money and I'll build a cute home! To me, building a home is like some sort of far off dream. So it is always puzzling to me that when someone gets a chance to build a home, they build an ugly one. There is a new development near my home in which people have the chance to build whatever home they want. It isn't a cookie-cutter neighborhood being built by contractors. But the crazy thing is, everyone is building the SAME house! Is it true that when these people have a chance to build they don't know what they want so they copy their neighbors--who copied the folks in the last development? Help me understand!!!!!!

Would you rather:
Would you rather own a cotton candy machine or a snow cone machine and flavors?


Dave said...

Orange walls, ugly!.....snowcone & lime!

LisaMarie said...

Jayne, I love all your colored walls. You've inherited that desire and talent from Grandma Marion. Its good to be surrounded by happy colors, isn't it? Just don't paint your TV or countertops light blue like Grandma did! Well, maybe Dad wouldn't mind if you paint the countertops in the yellow house as you are leaving it!
Paint them orange!
I too would choose a snowcone machine. Afterall, I did own a Snoopy Snowcone Machine when I was 8 years old. It only took all day to get a sacrament cup's worth of ice. I like lime ones too.

Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson said...

dear jayne,
my home is one of those "ugly homes" and that sucks...where is the blue house? i am sad you are moving because of your colors and memories...i feel you there.
definatly the snow cone machine...what ever happened to earls cotten candy machine anyway?

jayniemoon said...

Steph, I've seen pictures and you're not in such an ugly one. It is funny though, that someone really thought they were building an awesome home. You always make your houses so darn cute and I ask a billion questions about where you got things. You're amazing.
What did happen to Earl's machine? Remember his crazy carnival stuff that we used to walk through on our short cut home from school through Van Buren's backyard? I was scared of Keith Finlayson.

jayniemoon said...

My dad sold his electrical business so that he could become an interior decorator. Give him a chance and he'll tell you what is wrong with what you've done in your house.
I forgot about grandma's painted countertops! What a woman eh?
I'd choose a snowcone machine, but not a snoopy one. Those just didn't do the job. Dan made a killing off of selling snowcones that one summer (stole the business right out from the Godinez' nose!)

jayniemoon said...

Me again! Just wanted to add that I don't have anything against brown stucko houses. Please don't be offended if you have one. I didn't mean those were ugly houses, just think it is bazaar that everyone is building them right next to their neighbors who have the same home. Take no offense already!

katie said...

Cotton Candy for sure. I plan to own one one day, and that is not a joke. Steph-don't feel bad, I live in an "ugly house" too. we've made the inside pretty cute, but no matter what we do to the outside, it will never be a "cute house!" Jayne- the b;ue house will totally outweigh the yellow house simply because you will be closer to me! you lucky dog!

Suzie Petunia said...

No kidding... I told my husband yesterday I wanted to paint our living room orange. Not sure if I have the guts (or coordinating funiture) to do it though... Would love to see yours.

Snowcone and flavors. There was a sadly financially desperate summer (not too long ago)when my husband and I took turns working the Snowie stand at Provo Center Street and Geneva Road. I never really got tired of eating them all day long and watching the little tv when there weren't customers.

And I completely understand about leaving homes. It makes me sad my kids don't remember homes we've lived in. When we were visiting Provo last week (we live in Portland now) we drove by the condo we brought our first daughter home to as a newborn and took her photo in front of it. I'm so sentimental...

Anonymous said...

lisamarie said...
I tried to tell you guys on Steph's blog that Chuck had a Cabbage Patch doll named Beau.(I couldn't get on Stephanie's again for some reason). Thanks for the email though Steph.
Anyway, yes I bought Chuck a Cabbage Patch Doll here in this cute white house I have lived in for 25 years! I didn't want him to feel left out with all you girls.
I can't remember Jayne's or Kate's dolls names!

jayniemoon said...

Suzie Petunia,
Thanks for the comment! How did you end up at this blog?

lisa v. clark said...

I couldn't agree with you more on your assumptions about homebuilders today . . . Topher and I are always surprised when we see what people do in building their "dream." What?! Really?

not to brag or anything, but Topher and I painted a room in our condo orange AGES ago. . . and our office and Topher's downstair's bathroom is orange. I"m just sayin'. . . Also, I should note that we have a TOTAL 1970's Brady Bunch house and instead of trying to make it an awesome mountain cabin or something trendy, we have embraced the 70's style.

snowcone machine for sure. Our old neighbors had one and kept us our and our boys in supply all summer back in the day. . .aloha pina colada!

c jane said...

When are you inviting CK and I over for dinner (it's your turn, it's your turn, it's your turn) in your new house?
And also...COTTON CANDY. Because snow cones are too tricky. Not enough juice and all you get is ice. Too much juice and your ice is swimming in Tiger's blood.
Don't tell Norma I said that.

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