Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I found this little item on two of my friends' blogs and thought it was pretty interesting. Once when Jed and I were just married, we got a message on our answering machine from a guy looking for a "Jed Wells from Battle Mountain" We saved it on our machine because it was so awesome. Jed was heartbroken when we lost the message due to a move necessitating our unplugging the machine. Here's to you Jed Wells from Battle Mountain!
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

There are 20 Jayne Wells in the U.S. How many of you are there?


The Despot said...

while there are literally hundreds of thousands of jeds and wellses, there are only 6 jed wellses. one in provo, one in battle mountain, and 4 others in arkansas, no doubt. maybe west virginia.

Sheryl said...

Who is despot and how does he know?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jayne! I found you on Blogger! Cute page - how was your move? What's your new calling? We'll have to keep in touch!

emily k. smith said...

Only 20 of you? I got you beat by a long shot. 3,184 Emily Smiths! And there are 14,419 Mark Smiths! We are going to rally them together and form an army against all those people with unique names and, even worse, crazy spellings (for example: emilie, and marc - it's just plain silly).

Lindsey said...

Yeah, well according to "How Many of Me"....I don't exist.