Sunday, September 07, 2008

Because Yellowstone is worth visiting.

Since you couldn't be there with us, we brought it back for you. (This is Jed posting for Jayne today.)

Typical Julian.

Typical Haze.

Typical Pars (candy on face).

Mmmm, she's so maternal and so pretty. That lake behind her is colder than you can imagine. Someone still owes me $100 for swimming to that rock.

The dude from the ferry asked if we were having a baby contest with the Hiatts. Between the two families we had five kids to wrestle and pacify. We were a squawking, fussing, drooling lesson in birth control to every hipster couple in the park.

Too much testosterone for one picture? Pentax supplies a filter for just this kind of shot. Thanks Pentax.


jayniemoon said...

Thanks dearie,
I know you genuinely like the picture, so I'm not hurt...but maternal?

Is she pretty? Um, yeah...she's very...maternal.

YEOW! That middle-aged woman is soooo maternal!

Reminds me of the "mom jeans" sketch on SNL.

jayniemoon said...
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Jed said...

Dear Jayne,

Thanks for always taking my compliments the wrong way.

Your husband

Brimley Girl said...

How come no one told me you were going to Yellowstone? I must really be out of the loop. It looks like you had a blast and of course the children are "typically" adorable. Love ya, Sher

Lindsey said...

How come no one told me that I wouldn't recognize my cousins youngest child? He is getting so big and is SO DAMN CUTE!

I love Yellowstone, even though I've never been. Now I want to go even more!!

ali said...

I like how jed calls you maternal then turns around and flatters himself with "testosterone"!

maternal looks good on you!

jed said...

dear troy (and any other male),

women don't like to be acknowledged for their gifts and/or better qualities. they'd rather you stuck with traditional platitudes and vague flatteries with regard to their appearance only. it's hard to find a way around "you look hot in that shirt," but praise a woman's maternal instinct or observe her deft care with your children, and she will likely circumnavigate the compliment, and deflate your best intentions like so much hot air forced from a balloon.

better luck with yours,


jayniemoon said...

Still laughing...

ali said...

still laughing, too! troy needs to read this because he would whole-heartedly agree with Jed! You males have a tough job!

jed said...

and for the record:

the testosterone label is due to parley's budding masculinity (that kid's a powder keg) and to the abnormally high levels of testosterone it takes to hoist his bulk up and down a wyoming mountain on one's back. can't help it if i happen to fit the bill.

Dad said...

Jed, I've learned to steer clear of giving any thoughtful compliments due to the fact that they're usually thoughtfully scrutinized. I've had good luck watching chick flicks with Matthew McConaughey. I just take my shirt off and regurgitate some of his "uh, you look hot in that shirt" comments. Ali really eats it up.

The Despot said...


lesson learned. thanks for the mcconaughey tip. looks like i've been wasting my time with jayne on all those thoughtful jane austen-type movies. those things are a breeding ground for man-hating scrutiny and intention dissection.

i'm a little worried about my testosterone levels, though, if i start imitating mr. mcconaughey. sort of maxing out as it is, over here.

Anonymous said...

Those are some DAMN cute kids. That husband looks really HOT in that shirt! Isn't he the guy in that famous photo with sweat under his arms? Oh no, that was Lance. Where IS the mother though? Isn't that really PRETTY young woman the babysitter?
From the very MATERNAL grandmother

Dambrinks said...

Hey Jayne! I don't know if you remember me but I was in the Provo Ward way back when! I found you on Adriana Reeve's blog and thought I'd drop a line! You guys look like your doing great!