Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Proposed Contest

Dear Lindsey, cjane, jolly porter, oh judy, jiss and ALL lovers of Pee Wee's Christmas special,

I propose a contest. In our contest we will determine who knows the most characters from the Christmas special.

The rules are as follows:
1) you may add one character per comment. Each character counts as one point.
2) Bonus point if you can add a quote from the character you're adding.
3) There must always be at least one comment from another person in between each of your character additions.
4) contest to end sometime Saturday.

The winner will get their choice of a yo-yo, a fruit cake or press on nails.

Merry Christmas everybody! Merry Christmas everyone!


jayniemoon said...

Magic Johnson

"Magic Screen and I are cousins!"

jed said...


"Hey, Miss Yvonne, come stand over me."

Anonymous said...

i'm so confused.

Lindsey said...

Um...? So do I have to do a different character as Jayniemoon and Jed did now?

Oh well..


"Whaddoya think this is? Christmas?"

ali said...

never seen it. but judging by those pictures it looks semi-sick and twisted!

Anonymous said...

Captain Carl: You know, Pee-wee, there's a real twisted side to you.

Pee-wee: Thank you, Carl.

Captain Carl: [stares] You're welcome.

jayniemoon said...

Oh Al,
Pee-Wee is waiting to convert you and Troy! are right in what you did. Jambi is sweet!


"I wanna wish you a merry chrisma"

jed said...

jaynie, i think anonymous is baiting you. are you going to just take that?


"see you next... YEAR!"

jiss said...

Pee Wee

Feliz Nabliblab

jiss said...


"Oh my gosh I looooove Christmas"

jiss said...

The Del Rubio Triplets

"walkin in a winter wonderland"

jiss said...


"Shshshshuuuuuure Cheeeerrrr"

The secret word is:


jiss said...

King of Cartoons

King: "pee wee I brought you a present"

PW: "It isn't a fruit cake is it?

King: "no..........It's two fruitcakes......let the cartoons beg..

jiss said...

Joan Rivers

"Hi king, hi Annette, hi pee wee"

jiss said...

Billy Bolagna

"Now I'd like to sing a little song for all my adoring fans - me me me me me me"

Sorry, I can't waste anymore time thinking about Pee Wee's Christmas, I need to get back to work.Jesse

jayniemoon said...

I am laughing out loud! (Does anyone know an abbreviation for that?)


"Was that okay Pee Wee?"

Lindsey said...


"Wait a minute, you're not the president! You're Pee Wee Herman!"

The Despot said...

dina shore

"Pee-wee..? Pee-Wee...?

Rebecca Goodwin-McConnell said...

Okay Jayne, this is hilarious...but I just had to announce that I found your blog and I am so happy to be here...This is Rebecca Goodwin-McConnell and I LOVE your blog! Hopefully we can keep in touch with these awesome online "glimpses" into each others lives. Lots of Love,

Anonymous said...

"I don't make monkeys, I just train 'em!"

Brimley Girl said...

I just read your post today...Sunday. Is the contest over? I remember when Andy was little and I tried to convince that K D Lang was a girl. I'm not sure if he believes me even now.

Brimley Girl said...


Lindsey said...

That was k.d. lang? I thought it was Jake Gyllenhaal!

jayniemoon said...

ha ha ha Linds! Totally!