Monday, December 29, 2008

Repent, Jed! Repent!

It went something like this:

Jed: We could watch Snow White or Aladdin.

Parley: Snow White! (This choice could be a whole post in itself.)

Jayne: I think Snow White
is broken.

Parley: Oh, grief! Damn-it!

Jayne and Jed: What?!

Hazel: He said, 'Oh, grief! Damn-it.'

Jayne: Hmm. It's okay to say 'good grief', but don't say damn-it.

Jed: Yeah, don't say damn-it. (Hypocrite!)

Jayne to children: We don't say damn-it, it isn't nice to say. And if you hear daddy say it, tell him he shouldn't say it.

Hazel: How come he doesn't know it isn't a nice thing to say?

Jayne: Hmmm. He does. He just still says it sometimes.

Jayne to all friends/co-workers/enemies of Jed: If you hear Jed say damn-it, please remind him: it is not a nice thing to say (funny as it may be).


Three and Counting said...

Love that picture

Mandy said...

Ah, Kids.... :) They remind us to be nice. :)

That is a wonderful picture, too! :)

Ashley said...

If Seth read this post he would say, "What the hell is wrong with saying damn-it?" (Aussie's and Brits do not consitute those words as swear words) - there are other words you could say that wouldn't be technical "swear words" in the States and you bet he's neck hairs would stand up!

Lindsey said...

Does one need to repent for saying damnit? If so, I'm in big trouble damnit.

Rachel Clare said...

Is this the Jerusalem '99 Jayne? It's Clare (Rhien). You may not even remember me. I've been reading Courtney's blog for some time now and didn't realize you were cousins! (Obviously. Why would I?)
I was reading her blog today and noticed your picture in the sidebar. You've not changed a bit in 10 years!
Just thought I'd peek in and say hello.
Love your blog!

jed, the offender said...

thanks, ashley, i'm with seth on this. i've known enough aussies and brits to know that damn and hell aren't swear words. and if you weren't there, you won't know just how cute it was the way pars dropped the old D-bomb.

my sweet little mother used to say (and maybe still does on special occasions) that a little damn and hell never hurt anyone. i'm sticking with it.

jayniemoon said...

Okay, for the record, I actually think damns and hells are quite funny. They are completely UN-offensive to me. And they DO make things funnier!

But, little kids damning things make for unhappy other kids' moms who think the damning kid is B-A-D.

ali said...

i forbid curse words of any kind in our home. but I will uproar with laughter if someone uses swear words for shock value or to add some "funny" to a story...this drives troy BATTY!

Anonymous said...

you're all going to heck! dang-it! hehe... jed said d-bombs. yeah, jed! quit swearing and being an evil influence around your friends and co-workers. no game for you.

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

Ok, the picture goes perfectly with the post, so cute! I remember the first (well only) time one of my boys repeated Damn-it. It shocked me, like you aren't allowed to say that! Oops, I try really hard not to let that one slip out anymore...even though hearing a little high pitched voice say it is pretty funny! Happy New Years to your cute family!!

Heather said...

It so looked like the picture was made for the title of your post! I love it! I know what you mean I have issues when they even say shut-up.

emze said...

Funny you should post this, last night I was trying to put Mila's "big girl" bed together and let slip a few damn-its. Calvin's keen ears were intrigued and he asked "what is a damn-it?" I told him it was a word only mommies can say... apparently daddies can too. Come to think of it, that is where I learned it.

Anonymous said...

This is a damn funny post Jayne! Dave and I like to say, "I'll do whatever the damn I want" like one of Casey's elderly patients said once.
Jayne's first swear word was a time when she imitated her Dad after he hit his thumb with a hammer and he said, "Son of a...." Can you imagine 2 year old Jaynie saying that?
Hi Ashley. I haven't seen you forever. Tell Seth that I do not ever say "bl---y".
Mom Lisa