Sunday, January 25, 2009

Be Warned

Stef surprised us with a visit on Saturday. It prompted me to forewarn future visitors.
I'm just saying, if you come over on a Saturday, you're likely to find us looking like this:

Jed said it was the worst outfit I ever put on. Even worse than the stoner get-up I inadvertantly wore once in our early dating years. I say, what's wrong with African pajama pants coupled with XL Wheatridge Farmers sweatshirts? I told him he'd better get a load of himself:

Painted Boston Red Sox hat with Bootload of Boogie shirt and brown cords? And are those crocs (fake from Rite Aid) with primer all over them? (And look he's pointing just like me--he totally wants to be me!)

So now you know. Come and visit this Saturday. Your bright, small-town, roomy sweatshirts are welcome at our home.


Lisa said...

I think in Maine, there's a law that says a person has to dress like that on Saturday. I know I follow it. I'll bring the coffee next Saturday. Hugs from Maine

jed said...

i want to go to maine. would i be shunned for desecrating my sox cap?

emze said...

I'm coming over wearing all designer and mocking you all mercilessly, especially Julian. Couldn't he come up with something better than a diaper?

But don't come to my house. I can't guarantee that I will have pants on and that my pregnant belly won't be hanging out the bottom of my shirt. It's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

Geesh Jayne,

You ruined it! I was planning to stop in next Sat. and snap some photos to post of you two Ipod-wearers. I had visions of blackmailing you into conjuring up Summer Pasta and Jello Salad. Now what?

ali said...

I'm with jed. those are the WORST pajama pants I've ever seen!!!!!!

still love you, though.

Shana said...

I thought Jed was doing that cool finger/gun thing that Clint Eastwood does in Gran Torino. Silliest movie ever made.

jed said...

hurray, shana! i can't be convinced to see that movie. you've just sealed the deal.

Maria said...

I came across your blog after reading cjane's... I am new to this blogging thing and am loving it! Your blog is fabulous!! Anyway....We do the same thing on Saturdays - nothing but pajamas AND a messy house for us. Actually, this is the case on Sundays as well. Lazy, pajama wearing days are the best! :)