Sunday, May 31, 2009

The End of May

The end of May brought the end of :

Kindergarten (I swear I just posted her first day of Kindergarten picture!)
Hazel with Mrs. Whitaker. We love Mrs. Whitaker.

Doing the Jello Dance at the annual dance festival.


Moustache May (I made it through without even complaining a lot)
The deal is, you have to take a picture everyday of yourself with a moustache. Some days had themes.

Day #1

Parley punching his lights out.

He really did use a blow drier.

Cinco de Mayo

Check out those water particles!

Frame it up day

Photoshop day (It wasn't real everybody!)

Party down day

The end.


YellowMutt said...

those pics are flippin' awesome! love it!!

Sue said...

It really worked for Cinco de Mayo!

Kelly said...

Love the mustache photos!

emze said...

I love mustache May, I am so glad we got to experience it in person the other night. I found Parley's socks, Julian's Lightning McQueen crocs, and Hazel's flower hairclip. I will bring them to playgroup... if I remember.

Nicole Beck said...

Was Jed willing to shave it off this morning?

Camille Hill said...

I want to see the rest of the Mustache May pictures! How funny!

Nicole said...

I remember the post about Hazel's first day, and the letter people. This school year had gone fast!
The pictures of Jed are great! Does he still have the mustache now that it is June?

Mandy said...


Teachinfourth said...

Jayne, simply brilliant! Your little essay of photos were fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

jed (sans moustache) said...

i did shave. after my last post on sunday night, even. i'd post a picture, but i'm not worth looking at anymore... sniff, sniff.

you can still see the whole month's archive here:

Brimley Girl said...

Hazel's picture made my day! She is such a doll! Jed's a doll too, loved the mustache pics.

ali said...

where's the picture of jed driving in a windowless van preying on little children?

ooh. that's sick. nevermind.

ali said...

spoke too soon. looks like jed covered the whole pedophile category on photo #2!


jed (sans moustache) said...

are you kidding ali? jayne made me take that predator image first thing. had to get that out of the way.

like your windowless van idea, though. in utah they do it in ice cream trucks (err... music trucks).

nhsphoto said...

UM! one of those stache images is really giving me the urge to watch big trouble in little china. love your blog. glad jed finally answered his phone.

Lisa said...

Mustache May is always my favorite time of year!

Wan Family said...

Those are awesome pictures, some a little reminiscent of Napoleon Dynamite, yeah?