Friday, May 01, 2009

Paige, Wherefore Art Thou Paige?

Me (in yellow Music Man costume) close to Paige's current age, next to Katie holding little Paige.

I sent my first and second text messages today. It took me fifteen minutes to complete each message. I had a headache by the end from squinting. I could've watched a full episode of The Office on Hulu in the time it took me to text two messages. Or, if I had felt like being productive, I might've cleaned the piano.

This was me texing:
Squint, squint (leave me alone about my glasses),
--where is the h? Oh, h.
I ha (a is easy).
--now to v. tuvt--oh man! uv.
I hav
--def--oh, e.
I have
--Then, I get halfway through the word something, and the phone recognizes that I want to type something. Sweet! But where is enter? A full minute later I still don't know how to do it. FINE, I'll type the whole thing. S-o-m-e-t-h-j-i Oh man! Delete, delete.

I have something...

The message went on, but it seems pointless to make you suffer through what I've already suffered. Just know we could've gone out for ice cream in the time it took to send two blinking messages.

I wished for Paige to be around. She's a texting wiz. Paige rules at texting. Paige could've whipped out a text with appropriate abbreviations and super cute emoticons. Oh Paige, why do you live 45 minutes away? It would take me three whole texts to drive to you!

This wouldn't have been the first time Paige rescued me though, oh no. Last summer on our annual girls trip, Paige discovered that I wore a granny bra. Then everyone else noticed too.

"Look how many hooks it has!"
"It doesn't even fit!"
"It's sort of gray, Jayne!"

Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, and on and on they went.

And then, to my great surprise and excitement, when we got home, Paige sent two of "hand me up" (see, cause I'm older. Get it? Hand me UP? :) : ) !!!!) bras from American Eagle. She'd grown out of the lovelies (remember those days?) and sent them to a shrunken Jayne. Now you won't catch me in that large, gray granny bra!

So, I've decided, if for no other reason than my own hipness, I've got to get Paige down to BYU.


Lindsey said...

Ange might live 45 seconds away and he might be even faster... these teens these days have the fastest thumbs around!!! Just wait till they are elderly and they won't even be able to move their thumbs due to Texting Trauma.

jayniemoon said...

So True. And I don't think I'd have to work very hard to convince Andy of BYU. I miss seeing him at my mom's with Danny all the time! I hope Andy never has to convince me to get a new bra. That would be embeerrassing!

Anonymous said...

I also recieved a Hand-me up from Paige. Thanks Paige. Here are 5 votes from the Hydrick family for BYU. You can live in our basement!


Anonymous said...

Do I look good in that picture or what. Luckily I was near the end of my awkward looking stage. And no I'm not still in my awkward stage. (I knew that was coming)


Shana said...

Well, she got those from me you know. Can you believe I grew her in my womb? Katie, the last two times I've seen pictures of you I have thought that Serena looks so much like you! Wow, I hadn't noticed that before but she really looks a ton like you. Lucky girl. BYU, SCHMEE Y U.

Arin Rohrbach said...

We do totally need to get together for a picnic.

Paige said...


Because you featured me on your blog for awesome things including bras and texting, I decided to give you some handy texting pointers. Here are few things you can practice to be cool when you text:

:) or :(
sometimes you can do ;) or even :p how clever is that?!
or some phrases:

c u 2nite!!!! or maybe you could say to me,

thx so much 4 ur old bras!

Love you tons Jayne, you are hilarious. And pretty dang hip in my opinion, or imo for texters.

Anonymous said...

I am a textaholic and I had to call my niece to figure out g2g. Got 2 go, right? She is so smart. :)

Jaynie, get a VZW Voyager and you too will turn into a textaholic. They need to come up with TA (Texting Anonymous, not to be confused with T&A!).


p.s did you try that recipe I sent Jed? I am thinking of starting a recipe blog soon. I will keep you posted. :)

sheena said...

HI there! I am one of the girls who bombarded your house Friday night.....whoops! Ali told us how cute your blog was so I had to check it out-love it!

My husband and I laugh so hard...the only way to get ahold of our baby sitter is via text--we spend so much time carefully typing out every grammatically correct phrase, only to receive a foreign language full of numbers and symbols back....I am so out of it!

LOL ( i guess)

Anonymous said...

Cute cute Paige!
Love, Lisa