Thursday, June 04, 2009

Love Bells

When Bella ran away, we told Hazel she must've found a husband kitty and moved away with him (not that she was eaten by an owl, run over by a car, or simply didn't like us enough to stick around). This appeased her for a good while, but not forever.

"Mom, since Bella ran away, can we get a new kitty?"
"Maybe sometime."

This conversation happened for too many 'sometimes' and eventually (yesterday), my mom showed up with a new kitty for us.

"What will you name her?" My mom asked Hazel.
"I thought a good name for a white kitty would be Kaycee, but there weren't any white ones."
"Well Kaycee is still a good name for this one."
So, Kaycee it was. (I know how to spell it--after Kaycee in Kindergarten.)

But today, our second day with Kaycee, Hazel had second thoughts.

"Mom, I thought Kaycee was a good name, but I really want to change it to something else."
"Okay, what?"
"Maybe Love Bells or something?"

[I'm sorry, reader, did you catch that? Love Bells.]

We have a cat named Love Bells. Or Lovebells (there were no LoveBells in Kindergarten--no spelling reference).

I bet you don't have a cat named Lovebells.


megan said...

Hey there aren't any rules in kitty names. Look at race horse names. Who won the Kentucky Derby this year? Mine That Bird, or something (not that I watched...I just watch the news). Love Bells is an awesome name! Hope she sticks around this time.

Nate and Lindsey said...

My two cats were named White cat and Black cat. Then years later we got a gray cat.....and of course his name was Gray cat.

Lindsey said...

Ah....hahahahaha! OK, I seriously laughed right out loud when I read Love Bells (Lovebells)! That is so cute/funny, I can't stand it!

Yay for new kitties! Please, Please, Please bless that this kitty sticks around.

Shana said...

You could go gangster and spell it LuvBelz. That is the greatest story and that cat is adorable.

Shana said...

Lindsey! I think we just commented simultaneously. August!?! Yahoo!!!

Wells said...

congrats! our cat had about 20 different names until i got a tag engraved and then we had to stick with one. maybe tomorrow it will be something else. enjoy!

Teachinfourth said...

Maybe Loveboat...uh, Lovebells will meet another kitty, fall madly in love, and move in to a European scratching post heaven.

Cross your fingers; I would...then again, I'm allergic so I have an excuse for NOT wanting a cat.

Plus, I don't like them.

Now a lion or cougar on the other hand...

Sue said...

Awww, I like Lovebells.


ali said...

why don't you ask hazel how to spell it since she's like a kindergarten spelling prodigy!

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely name for a new kitty! :)

I have Fred and Ginger.

Jed-check your email for a nice pic! Fred is a whopping 26 lbs. and Ginger is 13lbs.

They are half mane coon and half tabby.

Love from Ohio!

Brimley Girl said...

That is the cutest name I have ever heard. Baby and Blackberry are jealous that we didn't think of awesome names for them.

Anonymous said...

I do love the name Carpet for a cat too, Linds! That is such a cute name.

Tamsin said...

I once dated a guy whose family cat was named.... Baby Love.

Didn't last.

I'm just me... said...

I am stopping over from cjane's blog. You crack me up!

Love the name, Love Bells! My daughter wanted to name our dog "Inside Outside" we said no. He ended up being Bocephus. Poor dog!