Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This. Seems. To. Be. Popular.

I'm trying to figure out this internet world and the hipness of it. And I am catching on to a few things.

It appears to be cool to share something you're thinking of on Twitter and include a link about it. It's especially good if what you're thinking is sort of vague, so your followers have to follow the link. So, if I were awesome, I might say,

Jonas Brothers, can't wait!!!!! .

So then you'd follow it, and find out that the Jonas Brothers are going to star in Camp Something or other 2. And you'd totally be glad I tweeted that. Because you didn't know. But now you do.

And then you'd post it on your facebook wall, because that's what you do, and then all your friends would be glad, because now they'd know too. And then someone would post a link on your facebook wall that would take you to their flickr page with the picture they took with their cell phone of the Jonas Brothers at the Stadium of Fire. And then you'd be totally jealous and comment that they looked hot.

But what I've learned most recently from the internet, is that if. you. really. mean. something. you. should. put. a. period. after. each. word.

Oh. My. Gosh.
Absolutely. Amazing.
You. Are. Joking.
Best. Food. Ever.
Never. Again.
I. Love. Edward. (Did. I. Just. Type. That.?)

So, I'm just telling you, I am picking things up, one word with a period at a time. And pretty soon I'm going to be super internet savvy. Whoops! I mean Super. Internet. Savvy.


Teachinfourth said...

So, you like the Jonas Brothers or Edward? I am trying to figure out which one it really is...

Kelly said...

Good. For. You.

k a t y said...







Kim~Ohio said...

O.M.G! Does that mean:


Could I be so lucky? To get to meet you AND see you on facebook?

My cup runith over. :)

p.s. tomorrow is my friends big surgery in Aurora, CO. Please please please say your prayers for my friend Joanna. She has cancer and is struggling with everything.

Love and thanks! :)

Megs said...

Laughing so hard.

I. Just. Wet. My. Pants.

emily k. smith said...

I knew you secretly loved Edward, there's no shame in admitting it... well there is a little shame but you would be in good company. I have been invited to join twitter by a couple of people, should I do it Jayne? Would I finally be cool? Since you are so savvy maybe you could coach me.

Wells said...

yoU. aRe. sO. FuNnY! LoL.

ali said...

we like you nerdy.
jed can carry on with all the cool trends.

Amy said...

Savvy is sassy. Please avoid any use of the "LOL", "kewl" or "l8tr" would completely mess with your bloggidy goodness!

Amy in Ithaca, NY

Hannah :) said...

You crack me up!!

Seriously, you do.

I was in stitches reading your post!!!!! LOL

Thanks for the added laugh on my birthday today! :D

jayniemoon said...

Kim--Still no facebook, sorry. Maybe one day.
Emily--You are not updating your blog enough as it is. No.
Amy--welcome! I honestly don't know what kewl is. Cool? Lame!
Hannah! Happy birthday!!

~j. said...







Amy said...

Yes, "kewl" is a very icky, icky way. Thank you for the welcome!

Shana said...

O.h. J.a.y.n.e. D.o.n.t. t.r.y. t.o. k.e.e.p. u.p. B.l.a.z.e. y.o.u.r. o.w.n. t.r.a.i.l. a.n.d. s.t.a.r.t. y.o.u.r. o.w.n. c.o.o.l. t.r.e.n.d.s.

hannah said...

So Funny. I've been reading a for a while, but this was really funny!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could do something really tricky and cool like taking the first letter of a word and putting it at the end of the word and adding an "a" after it, huh? Wouldn't that be cool? I'll bet no one has thought of that. Then you could have your own tricky language that only certain bloggers would be able to figure out! Talk.about.blazing.your.own.trail.huh.shana?

Shana said...

Now that is just a downright dumb idea where W.h.i.c.h. m.a.k.e.s. t.h.i.s. t.e.n. t.i.m.e.s a.s. c.u.t.e. a.n.d. m.e.a.n.i.n.g.f.u.l.

jayniemoon said...

oh Shana an isala you are so awesome. I think I'm going to do it with a :) after each word. That is SOOOOOOOOOOOO:) Cute:) and:) awesome:)!

Kim~Ohio said...

Hey! Please do not start making fun of the people who use the :) WAY.TOO.MUCH. I might know one of those people VERY well.

:) sorry, I mean >:-( Grrr. I take it back. I am nice :). OMG, I cannot stop.... ;) Ahhhhh!