Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What's in a Name?

A while back, my sister-in-law was telling us the names of some of the children from one family in her neighborhood. They were all made-up, frilly names, no doubt spelled with a bunch of y's i's and ee's at the end. I can't remember them, but for our purposes, we'll say Traylleee. Anyway, there we were in the kitchen in disbelief, repeating the names over and over again Shazelle? Kaychellee? And on we went, trying to picture the parents that could ever do such a thing to their offspring. Then in the midst of joking about putting together a fund for these kids' future counseling, I had a thought.

Someone in my neighborhood is having the same conversation in their kitchen. And the parents they are picturing are Jed and me.

You guys will never believe this. Someone in my neighborhood has three kids whose names are--get this--Hazel, Parley and Julian! (uproar of laughter.) No, are you serious? Hazel? Parley? Julian? (ha ha ha). And another thing--Parley and Julian are both boys!
No, really? Julian? Who are these parents--no, let me guess. I can picture them now...

After the imaginary scene, I sat justifying my choices. Well, at least they are real names. Julian is a boy's name. And Julia Roberts has a Hazel too. So, as we all know, if celebrities do it, it must be totally awesome.

Then I thought of this same imaginary group questioning the realness of Parley's name.

So what if you can't really find it on the social security website! Let me tell you what! I can name at least two people who have been named Parley! What about you? Can you name two Traylleees?

And just like that, I shut them down. Because they couldn't name two Traylleees. F-A-C-E (Oh 1990's we miss you!)! I guess I didn't really shut them down, because, well, they wanted to name their daughter Trayllee because no one else was named that, and well, because they were just imaginary.

But I still felt better about myself for my choices. I bet Paris Hilton has a Parley one day. You just wait.


Kim said...

I love your kids names. Julian is so popular in Ohio! I promoise. Hazel is a classic beauty and Parley, well I have not heard that one before but it's different and unique. I cannot picture your kids with any other names.

I have one to beat you. When I started my job @ Radiometer, there was this lady in my office. She was telling me about her son, Kenis. I said "Kenis"??? She responded, "Yes, Kenis. Like Penis with a 'K'". Not the answer I was looking for, but she says it all the time. Funny, right. It makes my chuckle everytime because this woman is so square that she would NEVER even say "fart". :)

k a t y said...

Oh, I'm sure there are MANY families in the neighborhood having that discussion about the Dill girls' names. Oh well.

Kelly said...

Live and let live I always say. I personally like your kids names, but we all have individual tastes. That's what makes us unique.

jayniemoon said...

Oh Kim, that is SO funny. Kenis, now that, I have never heard.

Anonymous said...

Your sister's kids names are an even better conversation :)

sheena said...

oh my I am obsessed with "different" names.

My favorite is when the parents take a popular name and change ONE letter.

I'm sure those are some:)

I also heard of a few times people use a dash in the middle of the name.
Pronounced "Dadashda". No joke!!
Parley doesn't seem too different after that one!

ps. love your little one's names!

sheena said...

oh, and how about i leave the longest comment ever....whoops!

Kim said...

I guess it's pretty popular in her family in Kentucky. Like penis with a K. it kills me everytime! :)

Jen said...

Funny that you should do this post now when I am in angst over Ruby's name. Maybe it is the hormones- or could be the weird looks I get when people ask her name. But I think the kicker has been my fathers constant phone calls reminding me that nothing is permanent and I am deciding her fate. Hmmm. Oh well- I have always loved your names. When I had ruby and was struggling to name her people random people would say- what about Traeyana, Avalon or Raydonna? That is when I smile and nod and say, maybe, maybe. To each his own I guess.

megan said...

I like the names very much. I just hope Paris Hilton doesn't have a Parley.

emlizalmo said...

I hear you! I want my Margaret to marry a Parley. :)

camille said...

The name issue kills me--I have to say it, Utah is ripe with wacky names, or normal names that people spell "uniquely." So imagine my dismay when someone made this comment to me:

"Oh, Rebekah, that's a cute name, and I love that you spelled it to match your last name!"

Yikes. Makes me want to carry a bible around to show that I'm not one of "those people." You're kids names rock, because they are real.

Tamsin said...

My favourite aunt is called Hazel, and so I've always loved that you named your daughter that :)
Julian is definitely a boy's name in the UK, and Parley must have been a name at some point because how else did good old Parley P. Pratt get his?

I get outraged at parents giving their kids "creative" names all the time, though. Case in point:Jackstopher.

Rob said...

I endorse this post and would like you to know that Parley was on my mind for our first son.

Jackstopher is my favorite in this thread! Here are two gems I overheard recently so I'm not sure on the spelling.

Jexley--This seems like a winner for a boy or a girl.
Drayden--Why not?

Anonymous said...

Does Kenis have a sister named Kagina? That is hilarious, Kim!
Jayne's mom! (PS I didn't put a y in Jayne's name just to be cute....its her grandma's middle name and its a pretty spelling, I think!)

ali said...

lisa. did you really just write kagina?

i am dying over here!

Kim said...

Oh Jayne's mom,

That is so funny! I am @ work reading this and I actually LOL'd! People are looking at me especially the mother of Kenis. haha! Too funny!

Belle Austen said...

I can't say too much with Dante, Bennett and Crispin. hey are real names at least.

Hannah :) said...

Your kids' names are.... apart of who you are! They fit you and your family so well. I dont know how to say it.

I love them. Hazel is so great, and I love the nicknames Jules and Pars.

I was shopping in the supermarket and came to the check-out. The cashier was named Hazel also, only... I had to ASK her how she pronounced her name!
It was spelled 'Hasielle'

I love your Hazel much more.

Kim said...

Belle, my favorite name for my future son is Bennett. I love it! It has a very special place in my heart~it's my moms maiden name! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Great names...

sandy toe

bethanne said...

Call family names always get a look too. Oh well.... I really thought that Anson was perfectly normal until I named my son that, I have learned that Anson is tough, not like Hanson, Anton and Anthon, I mean those are much more normal or so I have been told by many an observer. I have alos been reminded many time that I can still change the name, that only makes me stick to it more. Still no regrets. I love your names too, I won't name any names for fear of offending someone but there are some doozies out there.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Kagina? That is my next girls name. She'll fit is with the rest my children. Apparently my kids names are stranger than yours. Thanks anonymous!


Anonymous said...

Katie, please! No Kagina! I can't be Kagina's grandmother. :)Ali...... what? You can't believe I wrote Kagina?? Ha! Me either! Don't tell Kenis' mom, Kim!

Rachel said...

katie... i like your kid(s) names! :)