Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I cut out pictures from my Country Living magazines of things I love. The goal is to paste them all in a blank book so I have a fun idea book. I have done that with lots of pictures. I also have many pages hanging out like bookmarks in my blank book, waiting to be glued. And many, many magazines still needing the dog-eared pages torn out. And I'm a little embarrassed to tell you that I'm not sure where that blank book is right now. I'm always running [fast walking] a few paces behind. Anyway, for years I've been cutting out pictures of ladies attending the various fairs that they spotlight in the magazine, wishing and hoping to one day attend. So, last year, just after turning 29, I declared that for my 30th, all I wanted was to make it to one. Believe me, I'm more surprised than you, but I did it!

I used to spend almost as much time at Casey's house as I did my own in junior high and high school. I knew where the family treat jar was, I teased Judy for listening to Michael Bolton, and suntanned on their trampoline. Time passes way too quickly, and now, I visit that home two or three times a year--depending on when there are weddings or baby showers. So this trip, including my mom, Katie, Aunt Judy, and cousins Casey and Jenny was almost like a reunion--or rather a trip back in time. Casey graciously offered her home and we stayed up laughing like old times. I even had the chance to make fun of Casey, who now also listens to Michael Bolton.

The fair was awesome. So much fun. I came away with some great treasures. A couple of aprons, a suitcase hatbox, vintage wallpaper, an old, plastic jack-o-lantern and my very favorite, a little baby rocking horse toy. We shared fresh lemonade shake-ups, mediocre hotdogs, kettle corn and many Pepsis.

I met Kim and she generously shared Ohio buckeye candies and a red and gray buckeye necklace. Her friend Julie came along and Kim and I said "Jules" over and over to each other so we could hear the other's accent. Kim took most of my photos, since my little camera is broken, and Jed's would've counted as an extra carry-on (which if you read the previous paragraph, you know I couldn't spare the space). We were fast friends and I was so glad to connect a face and voice to my Kim-Ohio blogging friend.

On Sunday, Kate and friends who she was staying with, let me tag along to Kirtland, Ohio, where we visited sites from our Church's history. The experience was so incredible to me. I marvel at the strength the early saints had. I came away so humbled and grateful, with a determination to be more like them. So much to become.

And Monday, after pizza at Costco, we headed to the airport.

Next trip: Marburger Farm Antique Show, Round Top, Texas. Will you join me?

But I'd better promise Jed not to go for at least a year...

..although my house was so clean when I got home I'm thinking about heading out next week for the September 29th show!


Teachinfourth said...

J - Quite the trip...glad you were able to get away and have so much fun; however, I am also glad that you have returned to the blogging sphere.

sheena said...

oh my pile of pumpkins and gourds! So so so fun! Welcome home!

ali said...

I love michael bolton! and I love the fact that your house just got even that possible?

Kim said...

Jayne, it was my pleasure meeting you and your cute little mom! :)

I will make sure to send you some homemade buckeyes during the holidays!

Even though I was able to meet you and your mom, I agree with Trachinfourth. I sure did miss your blog! There is something about your way with words that makes my day brighter. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Until next time! :)

AzĂșcar said...

I just want to say how much I love Mike Birbiglia, too.

Because I am in the future also.

Lori said...

Woo Hoo! Welcome home Jayne! I can't wait to come see what you got, I'll be there tomorrow!! Well I really did miss you and can't wait to see you! It looks like you had so much fun, and you look so cute.

Jen said...

That is so awesome! What a cool surprise.

Carly said...

You are living my dream. I want photos of what you do with the vintage wallpaper!

lady lee said...

Hi! I found your blog through cjane's :) I loved reading about your time at the Fair! I went on Saturday and had such a wonderful time. I wrote about it too if you're interested!

Glad to have found your blog, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

It was really fun to meet you Kim and Jules! It was fun to compare accents, drink lemonades, and find out what a buckeye is! :) Those chocolate/peanut butter ones were to die for. We loved beautiful Ohio. See you in Utah some time.
Casey and Dave, you were the perfect hosts. Thanks for sharing everything with us and making us feel so "at home", ezo and sst. I miss you and Lucy and Norah. See you in January if not before.
Love, Lisa
Thanks to Katie and Jayne for getting me there.