Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Experience at the Barbershop

Parley and I spent the morning at BYU. I didn't tell him why we were going until we were headed there. Recently Parley has decided he is terrified of haircuts. I don't know when or how it happened, but it did. Jed has always cut his hair, and he's never been thrilled about it, but he hasn't put up the same resistance as he now does. He is such an easy going guy, that is has surprised us, for sure. Jed decided he didn't want to be the bad guy who forced haircuts, so I moved to my sister. No dice. Next to grandpa, who, after trying, said he'd never seen a kid throw a fit like Parley did about a haircut. So, over we went to BYU barbershop.

"Pars, we're going to BYU! We're going to just check out the barbershop, where they cut hair, and then we're going to play arcade games and have a treat!"
"I don't want to get my haircut! Let's just play games first!"

He screamed the moment we got into the shop. I tried to point out the awesome chairs that moved up and down, the other little boy sitting calmly getting his haircut--clearly not in pain, the Smarties and Skittles, the BYU athletes on the wall. Nothing made it okay to be in the BYU barbershop.

Soon enough Parley was called up for his cut. He screamed and kicked and thrust himself in every direction while I kissed his cheek and promised he wouldn't be hurt. The barber (a lady--can we call her a barber?) tried to get a cape on his neck, and when he wouldn't do it, she put one on me, which turned out to be good, since he squirmed and squealed on my lap the whole time she cut. Julian wandered around the shop opening drawers and catching a minute here or there of Dora the Explorer--kindly put on for an uncaring Parley. Jules would occasionally come back to me for some of Parley's refused Smarties, but he mostly wandered. I asked patrons, waiting for their turn at a haircut, to please (please) let me know if he left the shop, since I was confined to the barber's chair.

Parley's screaming and thrusting subsided a little, since it wasn't hurting after all, but soon escalated, when she brought out the smaller "sideburn" clippers, which he didn't recognize. We promised they were the same as the others, tested them on all of our hands, and then moved ahead.

Then, as if to warn a passerby of an oncoming car, Parley shouted, "It's going to get my freckles!"

I almost cried. This kid loves his freckles so much. I assured him it would not get his freckles, and nothing could take his freckles away. And then it was over. Now exhausted, I paid our baber, took a now calm Parley's hand, rounded up Julian, and headed to the arcade. A newly trimmed head, skiiball, and not a single freckle sacrificed--a pretty successful morning.


Kim said...

You have such wonderful patience!

Who can resist a kid that loves his freckles?

Wells said...

sounds like he's related to nathaniel! as you've probably noticed, i avoid the drama as often as possible (he currently has a deal going about no haircut until after halloween so that he looks as much like harry potter as possible). our only successful time was once at a fun place here called cookie cutters, where you sit on a car/train/etc for the haircut. worth the extra cost! maybe we could organize a cousin haircut activity and make it fun?

megan said...

Exactly why I started taking Jack to BYU Barbershop. He screamed at age 1, 2, and 3. Finally he stopped somewhere at age 3. Now he loves the BYU Barbershop because we buy him a book at the Bookstore after, or lately just a sucker and a balloon from the craft store. Don't tell him about the arcade!

Good job surviving the cut, Parley! I love freckles too.

Shana said...

Sorry, Jayne. I was just joking around when I told Parley that haircuts hurt really bad and make all your freckles fade away.

Teachinfourth said...

I'm with Parl...I've been to the BYU Barbershop before, too. I'd have screamed, as well.

Anonymous said...

Ah haircuts. My ten year old daughter loves them. She who wants hair to her feet a la Rapunzel. My four year old son hates them. He who has hair that grows an inch a minute. No amount of Dora ever makes this fun. Thanks for sharing.

-Megan Putman

Anonymous said...

So glad that Parley only lost some hair and has all his freckles!I don't know if I should laugh or cry. My sweet Hunter has yet to have a hair cut and I don't look forward to his first. It took him two years to get hair I feel bad cutting it and I fear the experience. Thank goodness he has curly locks helps to fake the length.

SO said...

I love that he was worried about his freckles. He had every right to be. Freckles are priceless.

Hopefully it will be less traumatic as time goes on. I know that they have a new kids hair cut place over in Lehi. I think it's that cookie cutters that was spoken of in an earlier comment.

Good luck. And I'm glad that Julian didn't escape.

The Despot said...

he's scared for good reason. daddy's love is conditional (and yeah, the freckles are the condition).

emmy and ry said...

You are oh so brave. Did you get some smartees in the end? I love the worry over the freckles. Jack has the same fit every bath time over his "circles" or loosing his curls once the water hits. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an irrational little boy. I'm glad you survived!

So happy we got to hang out - hope it happens again really soon!

Kelly said...

Sounds awful!

Jen said...

We went through this for awhile. It drove me nuts! i started using scissors in the tub and started to preten
d I was washing his hair when I was cutting it. OH the hoops we jump through! Poor little guy, I am glad those cute freckles survived!

Lindsey said...

Jayne don't you remember that Russ called the female barber that cut his hair a "barbra"?

Odle Family said...

Jayne you really need to try cookie cutters in Lehi. The kids get to sit in a car, plane, etc and they get to choose a movie or video game of their choice to watch. They are almost exclusively a kid place. When they are done they get a balloon attached to a cookie cutter and sucker. There is a slide and the kids can can wander around at their leisure. It was the only thing that worked for Brandon. If you have any questions check out their web site

Anonymous said...

A lurker here comin' out of the closet here....

Man! I feel your pain! My son was the same way. I got to the point to where I considered letting him grow his hair out and wear pigtails! Then I got an idea. I asked my aunt to take him. He's always so good for adults he doesn't know. He's an angel for the nursery leaders. So she picked him up and took him to the local barbershop. It worked! He was as good as gold! We've finally graduated up to Grandma taking him but still not Mom or Dad yet. Little boys are strange!

--Melissa S.

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