Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hazel drew this picture the other day of our family:
You can see that we're all there, we're all happy--oh except--what's that Julian is saying?
Oh, yes, he is screaming, "Parley!" because that's what he does.
All day long.
"Pa-ey, No!"
[Growling] "Pa-ey!"

I remember this stage with my younger brothers. The older of the two, Chuck, would quietly bother the younger Danny, and Danny would scream and scream. It drove us all nuts and we were constantly reprimanding Chuck and demanding that he leave Danny alone. Sometimes he was clearly guilty, but other times, he claimed innocence--promising he wasn't near Danny. But ultimately, being the older of the two, he seemed to get most of the blame.

Now I find myself yelling downstairs to Parley to leave Julian alone. But lately, Parley is clearly offended by my reproaches, swearing he didn't do a thing to Julian. I'm starting to believe him. While sitting and watching a movie together, Julian growled at Parley and screamed his name when anything he didn't like happened to him.
The couch cushion pushed into him a little bit--"Pa-ey! No, Pa-ey!"
Water spilled on him. "PA-EY!"

Poor Parley has even resorted to speaking to Julian in a high baby voice, saying things like, "You can have this car Julian."
Which Julian interrupts, "No Pa-ey! No!"
Now I yell down to Julian a lot. "Leave that Parley alone! Stop screaming at your poor older brother!"

But I'll tell you what, we're all watching what we say around here--you never know what Hazel is going to draw tomorrow.


Jen said...
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Jen said...

I love how hazel has her hands on her hips! i have noticed the same thing with dane and Bryce. Yes Dane is often a rascal so when we hear DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE! We all come to Bryce's defense. When Dane started school we realized Bryce was just using his name as a curse word- even when he wasnt there.

megan said...

I think the same is often happening around here. I always jump to blame the older one, but those younger kids figure things out quick! Love Hazel's drawing.
I'd watch out too!

Paige said...

At least Hazel isn't drawing pictures for her siblings that say U R A LOSR and include a face with the tongue sticking out. I got that from Serena when she was about four. If only I would've taken her to the store. All of that drama could have been avoided.

I love your kids Jaynie. I need to come see them soon. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

jed's head looks really big.

Kim said...

I love this drawing. There is so much going on in it, so much detail! Nice job, Hazel!

My favorite part are the noses. Perfect little sideways "B"'s.

Shana said...

Jed's head is big.

jed said...

i keep a lot of stuff in that head. i had to upgrade to a double-wide not too long ago.

Erika said...

I don't know you, but I saw your blog linked on CJane. I jumped over to check it out, and the first thing I saw is you have a Parley. I have one little guy, Parley! I don't know anyone else that has it these days, and it was fun to see.

Your Parley is just as adorable as mine!

Lauri Wells said...

Hi Jayne. I didn't know how to contact you except through your blog, which by the way i love reading. Does Jed do wedding invitations anymore? I remember that I really liked some that he did in the past, but that was awhile ago, so I wasn't sure if he still did it or not. my email is lauribee23@gmail.com if you don't mind letting me know. Thanks.