Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Parley Webster Wells

"You know what frizes means mom?" Parley asked.
"No Parley, what does frizes mean?"
"Little pieces of paper you can write on."

After recognizing that this question continued to come up with different words he'd made up, I finally started writing them down.
And here are the rest (in alphabetical order, of course):

Biggie place--A place where there are fluffy haircuts and chickens.
Fulpal--a land for the cars.
Fostenia--a shooter thing.
Gitches--someone who is lost.
Major--string things like fish.
Mucks--tiny little circles that hurt your eyes.
Sleek-up--some zero kids are not sleeping with their mom.
Trigador--a treat that has sugar in it.

Here's hoping his dictionary continues to grow.


c jane said...

I know exactly what Mocks are. I see them all the time when I am stressed.

c jane said...

I am sorry, I meant mucks, not mocks. I am new to Parlese.

Jen said...

this is awesome. THis was Warners homework assignment last week, he had to do definitions and illustrations. He loved it. Definately keep this!

Shana said...

I HATE mucks. Have you ever seen spores on the back of fern leaves? Or the suction things on a bath mat? Or pipes on the back of a truck? Those things all hurt my eyes.

Kim said...

I hate mucks too! They muck up my head and they are a sure sign that a migraine is coming.

emily k. smith said...

I'm eating a trigador as we speak.

Rebecca said...

How cute...when I was a little older than Parley I used to go visit my mom at work...she worked as a nurse and back then (like 20 years ago) they used a microfiche to look at x-rays that had been filed away. Well I decided to play with the machine without any film in it and I name all the 'fractures' (scratches) on the screen. I will never forget the words I made up... Chronocular and Defanger. Good times!

Kim said...

Do you know what I love about the pictures of Parley? He always looks surprised and wide eyed. He is adorable!

Kim said...

Oh this sounds just like my 3 year old. She makes up words constantly. I love it. Is he consistent with using his made up words? She is not. She just makes them up fora minute. Cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I too really hate mucks!Anything that is tiny and circular...yuck. Yuck muck! Especially if they hurt your eyes. Ew! Mocks are probably really really bad too Courtney!
Good work Parley. Yeah, maybe he could illustrate this new dictionary! What a good time consuming, creative, productive project that could be.
Love, Grandma Lisa

Anonymous said...

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