Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm Jayne's husband and I'm tired of seeing Celine embracing O.  So tired that I removed the image from last week's post.

You're welcome, Kim.


emily k. smith said...

I looked to that picture every morning for inspiration and the strength to get through my days.Now what will I do?

Kim said...

Oh my gosh! Today IS like Christmas!!! (but you did not have to REMOVE the picture, just post something better looking). :)

No worries, Emily. It's permanently stamped in my head. I will sketch it for you. :)

Kim said...

I feel guilty. very very guilty. For those who love Celine and her creepy face and voice, I am sorry.

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.

Ok, I feel better.

Anonymous said...

There was way too much mascara and lip gloss in that picture. Put a picture of Jane up instead. She's a natural beauty.

Megan Putman

Paige said...


Thanks...for all the joy you brought into my life, and for all the wrong that you made right, by removing that picture. Every time I'd come to see Jayne's blog I'd get that song I quoted up there stuck in my head. Wah wah.

Jen said...

jed- can you replace it with the next a toy story 4? My kids have been waiting for it.

Anonymous said...

i'm not buying it. what's the real reason?