Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got to be Startin' Somethin'

I told Jed we needed to get Parley some tougher music before he invited any more friends over to dance in the basement to Even the Nights are Better. I guess when Jed put that song on his Thanksgiving mix (?!) he didn't anticipate such a hearty welcome--and ultimate obsession from Hazel and Parley. And it was kind of cute at first, when Hazel would make up dance programs for us to watch, or the boys would race around the basement while "even the days are brighter, with someone you love beside ya!" was blasting from the kids' ancient computer. But when friends and cousins came over and Parley would race to the computer to show them his awesome favorite song, I started to get concerned.

Jed and I both started mix cds for him, but never completed them, so Even the Nights continued. Finally, I'd had it--which meant Jed had had it 3 weeks before. So I put in Thriller.
"Listen to this. There are some awesome songs on this cd." I said, sliding it slowly (come on, work!) into the cd drive.

It didn't take him long to find Beat It. And today he did a "studio" or production of some sort to Beat It. He mostly threw two baseballs across the room until the song was over. And then he started it again. Jed and I looked at each other.

"Well, it is a little tougher than Even the Nights are Better... right?" I said.
He looked at me and said, "Tougher? Uh, sort of...but it is Michael Jackson."

I guess I'd better hide that Abba cd.


Teachinfourth said...

I think that MJ could have taken Air Supply in a smack down…but only barely.

Bridget said...

when MJ used to be black and old skool, it could be considered tough... at least, i think so, jed!

Zach and Codi said...

Has Jed never seen the music video to Beat It, or Bad? I mean, really.... could you get any tougher than MJ in those videos? I'm still scared to this day that someone might come up to me and aggressively pirouette me into the dark corner of a parking garage/warehouse. I get chills just thinking of his fast snapping fingers and his brutal chin thrusts to the sky (let's not even mention his other thrusts). Not tough? "Sha-mone!"

jayniemoon said...

Your comments are so good they almost make me want to blog more often just so I can get comments from you!

Zach and Codi said...

You just made my day! In all fairness though.... your blogs are so good that they require the readers to leave comments that are equally as good (even if they never really are). You are fabulous and I adore you!