Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Happens When Dad Is Not Home

Jed made a rule, after so many dvds were ruined by little hands, that no child could put a dvd in the player without help from an adult. I understood this rule, realized its merit, but the lazy side of me wanted to stay upstairs instead of going down to put on the dvd all the time. So Jed militantly enforced the rule, while I sluggishly enforced it (from my perch upstairs).
Sure, I helped insert plenty of discs, but I may have looked the other way a few times too (may have).

Parley had a friend over and wanted to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with him. He loves the music in the beginning and runs around the room with the volume all the way up. I said he could watch it. He cheered, and then said:

P: "Wait, is Dad here?"
M: "No."
P: "Yes!'
M:"Why don't you want dad here?"
P: "Because then he won't see me put the dvd in by myself!"

That's right, he told me about the rule he planned to break--like it was he and I who had a deal going. So, now I'm off my perch, enforcing the dvd rule. What happened to good old non-scratchable VHS?


hello*lucky*holly said...

I would love to have a dvd stacker just like in the car. You put the kids 6 favourite dvds in and no problemo!

Lindsey said...

What's funny is that he admitted his rule breaking to YOU, knowing that YOU weren't so much an enforcer.

So many of our dvd's are now broken too. But I'm just too lazy to care about it.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I am so with you on that! I hate the scratches on DVDs and the DVDs that won't let you fast forward through certain parts. I hate being forced to watch warnings and crap that I never had to before.

And I think it was very noble of you to start enforcing the rule. Mom/wife points for you. My husband's rule, that all DVDs be put away immediately upon finishing, not stacked on top of the tv, is very hard for me to follow. I'm a slob at heart.

Zach and Codi said...

Oh, those good old fashioned VHS tapes that never got scratched just...
*had the tape pulled out and mangled by little hands
*got repetitively stuck in the machine making a horrible sound almost as bad as nails on a chalk board
*or my personal favorite... had the annoying habit of the tracking being off so you had to adjust the picture by hand always to end up being the teensiest bit out of clarity.
I'm with you Jayne, forget DVDs it's back to VHS for me! Now.... which direction are you supposed to turn the tape to get the film back inside?

nhsphoto said...

i am the dvd nazi at our house. sadly,my kids are better at putting the dvds away than my husband.

Teachinfourth said...

So glad that you posted this on your blog where Jed will NEVER see it…LOL. It's a good thing he likes you.

Jen said...

two things- it is easy for these men to make these rules they arent around to enforce! Also, you can buy cd skin- it works reat- like clear contact paper for a cd that leaves it scratch proof. Also, ladd got a 400 disc changer to solve the problem. Now if I didnt keep taking out dvds and messing up the thing!

Jenni said...

Jayne, that sound sjust like my Rod with Wii games. Like I dont have enough going on in my life I have to switch dvds & games too?! haha. I love that your little guy knew exactly how dad felt about it. Tre (my 5 year old) refuses to let anyone break dad's rule. I have to practicaly beg him to! haha. hope you & your family are well! Last time I saw had only how things have changed:)--& love the blog by the way!

Bridget said...

and this is a totally good rule, jed. i'm with ya. i sometimes want to string my children upside down by their toenails because of all the scratched/not returned to their cases dvds.