Saturday, September 11, 2010

Work it Baby, Work it!

Since entering my thirties, I've really tried to be more conscious of my heath. It may have been those nasty people that talk about slowing metabolisms after your twenties that led me into that vein of thought. But as I've looked briefly over many popular diets, there's just not one I can feel totally comfortable sticking with. So, not to be dissuaded, I decided to create my own diet by picking and choosing some of the best parts of those other diets.

Take for instance the Atkins diet. That can come in handy when someone makes a big, meaty breakfast. I mean, I'm not a big meat eater, but sometimes a girl can really go for bacon wrapped sausages (did I say that outloud?). So I keep this diet around for my steak and pork days--they creep in there more often than you'd think! But, let's be honest, getting rid of carbs is lame! Who doesn't like a buttery roll or french toast (to compliment your bacon wrapped sausage!)?

Which brings me to the next portion of my diet, the low-fat diet. See a lot of carbs are low in fat, so this part of my diet allows me to eat all kinds of carbs, while still enjoying the benefits of the Atkins diet. Bagels, bread, rolls, crackers, are all allowed in this part of the diet. Just check the labels and make sure they're low-fat!

I get hungry often, so I found the Body for Life diet. In this diet you get to eat multiple meals throughout the day! It also mentions stuff about exercise, but I don't really like exercise, so I ripped those pages of the book out. I feel so much better knowing I can combine a carb and protein 5-7 times a day!

The one problem I was finding, was that none of the diets allowed for sugar. It turns out sugar is bad for you! But I had a friend who did Weight Watchers, where you assign points to food by how bad they are for you. Each day you get to eat a certain number of points. I don't really know how those points are calculated, so I just kind of wing that part. I remember her telling me that McDonald's ice cream cones were only, like, 3 points. Which indicates to me that ice cream is not bad for you at all. And ice cream has sugar in it, so probably most things with sugar in them aren't bad either. This portion of the diet really has given me freedom. So many sugary things I can choose from. Did you know Coke has sugar in it?

Things are going pretty well. It hasn't been hard at all to be consistent and strong, it's pretty much like I'm not dieting at all! I'm considering writing a book though, because that's kind of a popular thing to do when you create an awesome diet. However, that sounds kind of hard, and like it might make me exercise something, and my diet just doesn't allow for that kind of work-out.


hello*lucky*holly said...

I've been on the "Work it Baby, Work it" diet since yesterday and it's totally working too! Do you have an infomercial to promote said diet?

Anonymous said...

You are so clever and fun! I think you could really be the next Erma Bombeck! Your diet plan is genius... I maybe adopt it as my own. Like you said sometimes a girl can really go for a bacon wrapped sausage, wrap a pancake around that and dip it in syrup and you really might be on to something.

hawsfam said...

It's more of a "lifestyle change" than a diet, though, because you really have to commit yourself to something like that.

Jamie Heiserman said...

do you have to drink a lot of water on this diet? If not, then sign me up!

megan said...

Oh. My. Gosh. (I've never done that thing with the periods's kind of liberating). I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Probably because we haven't hung out in too long. This post is totally about my kind of diet. Except I am with comment number 4...limit the water, substitute for coke and gaterade, then it's perfect.

Miss you, Jayne!

Anonymous said...

Coke has sugar in it? Damn it! (Parley taught me to say that).Pepsi probably doesn't have any sugar in it though.
Love Grandma Lisa