Friday, October 01, 2010

What Santa Sent in September

Remember these?
How could you forget? Well, they showed up at my house early last week and have been on my feet ever since. It has been a little uncomfortable to sleep with them on, but I know the season for sandles is coming to a close, so you do what you can. But I found out from this experience that Santa does not live at the North Pole, but somewhere in the Midwest and is, contrary to belief, a female. A kind, kind female.

I'll be wearing them tonight and you can touch them if you come to the Lower Lights Free Outdoor Concert in Provo. If you have size 7 feet you could try them on. Unless you've been wearing sneakers with no socks all day. Cause that'd be gross.

I've been carefully placing stickers for free downloadable songs on the cds to sell at the show. Don't let all that hard work be for naught.
See you there!


ali said...

my santa in Utah has yet to send me the LOWER LIGHTS CD!

But I do know she is enjoying some red sandals.

jayniemoon said...

Have one ready Al.

But it just wouldn't be me to send it on time now, would it?

nhsphoto said...

dang! i forgot about the free show. boo.

Heidi said...

oh... i wish i had been a better reader. I had a pair of those..not in red but in patten bronze- cute cute cute.. but in size 37 (is that your size?) no matter- you have yours. I wore them once and realized that I really a pair of 38 and was sad to let them go because I loved the way they looked. $18.95 plus $10.00 shipping and they could have been yours! I'll be looking on e-bay and at last chance for a pair in my size come summer next year! But only if I can get them for $18.95 or $30ish again.

JamieH said...

laughed out loud @ the visual of you sleeping in your red kicks! Love it! Wish I could have gone to the concert it sounded dreamy.