Sunday, January 16, 2011

Empty or Full?

What would you say that running out of gas might say about a person? A procrastinator? Lazy? Poor? Forgetful or disorganized?

Not me, I can see that running out of gas might say that a person is too busy thinking about other peoples' needs to remember her/his own. She most likely gave their last pennies to the charities around the city, and while driving to donate to those charities got so lost in singing Janice Kapp Perry's Be That Friend that she didn't notice that orange light signaling "empty". She (or he, of course) most certainly was so busy studying foreign languages (to better reach the nations) to remember the E actually meant "Empty" and not some other foreign word that means "full" (that also starts with an E).

Not that it happened to me today. Or 9 other times since I got my license (well Jed was driving two of the times). I can just imagine that if you run out of gas a lot, you must be a really, totally awesome person.


Melanie Gao said...

Did you know that if you consistently let that orange light come on before you tank up, you save yourself an average of 500 hours at the gas station over a lifetime? That's right, people who fill up when the tank is half full go to the gas station MORE. So that person who ran out of gas is simply being efficient.

And running out of gas is the unfortunate downside of that efficiency. It's just going to happen sometimes.

Jenni said...

absoluty can relate over here. Rod travels for months at a calling him to bail me & the kids out when the car stops moving is a no go. My poor Home Teachers. haha. They have saved me 4 times...just this past year. sad. I know. lets just say its part on my new years resolution to not be running late to pick kids up from school & have no gas.

YellowMutt said...

How about when you keep locking yourself out of your vehicle? Does that say "awesome person" as well? Cause that's my downfall, I've done it in front of my own house (locking me out of both at the same time, now that's talent, lol), In front of the grocery store with my truck running and all my groceries in the back, and while getting gas. Sadly, I can't even blame it on the fact that I have kids to take care of and a crazy, hectic life. Cause I have neither...just an absent mind and truck that likes to lock itself. I totally ROCK!!!

Teachinfourth said...

You know what? You and I are in the same club...I can't even remember exactly how many times I've run out of gas.

We rock, girl!

ali said...

you are completely IRRESPONSIBLE! At least these are the thoughts I've had about Troy all 6 times I've had to throw on my robe to go rescue him at some point on the freeway!

(though when it's YOU pleading your case, I find myself more sympathetic. I better re-evalute my thoughts on my own husband because perhaps he is just so busy spreading good cheer to hear the incessant beep of the EMPTY tank warning.)

Anonymous said...

Janice Krap Perry? Really? So disappointed.