Monday, February 07, 2011

Hello? Is it Me You're Looking For?

When Parley left a neighbor girl, hoping to return some dishes, standing at the doorstep the other day, I knew it was time to revisit 'answering the door etiquette'. I say revisit, because we've practiced many times before. So tonight I tried again. I started with a review:

--If someone we know well comes to the door, we greet them and invite them in.
--If someone comes to the door that we don't know, greet them and tell them you'll get mom and dad.
--If grandparents come to the door, since grandparents are always excited to see their grandkids, it's important that we show them we're excited to see them too. Saying something like, "Hi Grandma and Grandpa! Come on in!" would be great.

Then it was practice time.
"Parley, let's pretend I'm your grandparents and I'm coming to the door."
Me: knock, knock
Parley: Hi.
Me: (waiting, gesturing, coaxing with my eyes--what next??)
Parley: Hi.

Me: Parley, you forgot to invite me in. And remember, since I'm your grandparents, you should be excited to see me. Hazel, let's have you try.

Me: knock, knock.
Hazel: Hi Grandma and Grandpa.
Me: (waiting, gesturing, coaxing with my eyes--what next?)
Hazel: oh...come in.

Me: Thanks Hazel, Parley did you notice she invited me in? Let's try again.

Me: knock, knock
Parley: Hi.
Me: ( disbelief...still waiting)
Parley: Hi.

The scenerio was repeated one more time with the same results. And then I remembered this clip from a classic Simpsons episode.

So if Parley leaves you stranded at the doorstep, even if you're his grandparent, aunt or next door neighbor, just know that he also left me, his own mother, hanging out three times tonight. I didn't, however, try stomping on his foot.


Teachinfourth said...


And you you know, I was simply impressed that you had a Lionel Richie reference in your title.

If I come to visit ever, I fully expect Par to smile, say hello, and that's about it...

Anonymous said...

Well...I will greet Parley any way I can get him. However,itis nice if the grandchildren rush forth with arms open and wondrous smiles on their perfect little faces. Not to mention enthusiastic invitations to come in for treats and, say, a game or some such event. Just for you, Parley, we always notice that you are very polite and loving to us when we stop by, and we love you more than tongue can tell. Grandma Dawn

Lindsey said...

Ahh hahahahaha. Homer Thompson....

Oh, Parley, I love you. And it's ok because anyone that comes to the door will be too enchanted with those famous freckles that they will forget you didn't invite them in.

Please come visit me, I will invite you in.

~Chesty LaRue

Codilyn said...

Consider yourself lucky that you don't have to worry about him inviting just anyone in. We had to install a very high chain lock so Xander couldn't open the door and...
#1: Escape when we weren't looking
#2: Invite any Tom, Dick, or Harry walking by to come on in.

megan said...

I have noticed that Parley at least opens the door all the way. That's something. And if you get a hi, that's two things my kids don't do. They peek out of a tiny slit in the door and don't say anything until the person asks for their mom or dad.

Man, do I miss the Simpsons. I forgot how awesome that show is.

Shana said...

Jayne and Jed,

I learned this cool trick in my child development classes. It's called modeling. I think if only your kids could have parents who were just a little bit more welcoming, friendly and polite, it might do the trick.

jed said...

one day i will miss this parley. but right now, i miss the old simpsons.

-mr. plow

hannah said...

Oh, so funny! Parley seems like a character, actually all your kids do!

Hello*Lucky*Holly said...

Unfortunately kids can't fake interest in social graces till their older.

We live in a Zoo! said...

Because Cjane shared this on Facebook I am laughing out loud! I can just see the whole scene, love it! :D