Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Help our boys, FICTIONIST

Jed met Stuart Maxfield while shooting The Lower Lights last Fall. Jed was taking portraits of the players and Stuart showed up with a fiddle. As Jed was arranging his subject, Stu said, I don't usually play the fiddle in my band. Oh, what do you do? Well, I sing and play guitar. Right, thought Jed. Who here doesn't sing and play the guitar? Get in line, kid.

Then Jed came home and looked up the kid's silly band, Fictionist, and repented. And they've found ways to work together since then on a variety of projects. Jed made a mini-doc of the making-of their most recent record, Lasting Echo, shot a few of their shows, was supposed to go on tour with them last winter, but I got lucky and he didn't have to go (sorry, Stu). Jed even dressed as Stuart at a recent costume party... wait a minute... should I be worried about this?

Last night on his talk show, Jimmy Fallon announced a big contest hosted by Rolling Stone (yes, that Rolling Stone) to find the next cover of the magazine among 16 unsigned bands from across the country. Fictionist is in the running. Do your part for these guys. Follow the links, vote for them, watch the awesome video Jed made for them (yes, that Jed). Take a listen on their profile page to the song, Before I'm Old, my personal fave. That'll be Jed's next project with them.
I like these boys. Sometimes Stu comes over and plinks at my piano and I'm always surprised at how good it sounds when he does. Help them out, won't you? I'd like it even more if someone really famous was plinking at my piano someday.


Sue said...

Okay, I tried to vote for them.

I clicked five stars and they turned red, but there was no submit.

Hopefully, just clicking on them does the trick.


jayniemoon said...

perfect sue! I think that's all you have to do!

Carly said...

Very cool. I will vote asap.

Shana said...

I treasure that video and that song! Very cool song. Shana

Teachinfourth said...

That Jed never ceases to amaze me with his video prowess! I'll click over if it will help...