Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo Booth

You'd think, as the family of a professional photographer, we'd be so sick of photos of ourselves that we'd be content to leave well enough alone. But these days, it seems, Jed's always off using his camera on other people. In fact, one day, Parley said to me, "Mom, can we get a camera that takes those kinds of pictures?" Confused, I asked him to explain. "You know," he said, "The kind that we can put on the fridge." Oh, the printed kind!

And Julian, upon seeing that my mom had pictures framed of all the other grandkids (because my sister is so diligent about taking hers to Kiddie Kandids) said to my mom, "Grandma, I'm in preschool now, so you can put my picture up too."

See, printing photos means I have to actually go through and choose pictures and their sizes and where I'm going to have them printed (without picky Jed finding out I went to Walgreens). So they sit in folders (and folders and folders) and not making it to my mom's frames. Meanwhile, poor Julian can't figure out what he did to make Grandma not want to put his picture up.

The other day I realized that I hardly have any pictures of George and me together. So, since I don't have a camera, or even a cell phone, I turned to photo booth. As soon as I sat down to take a few pictures of us, the other kids came running. They love photo booth. Particularly Hazel. It is pretty great to see what kinds of pictures they come up with. Here are a few with George--that were supposed to be just him and me.

and finally I got one.

Then I came across some great ones of Hazel that I didn't know she'd taken.

If we ever can afford a camera that takes "those kind of pictures" we might move away from photo booth. But we just might not.


Jed said...

Sight for sore eyes.

Lindsey said... GEORGE!! He is seriously so damn cute. Heck, y'all are! Love you!

Zach and Codi said...

Can we say cutest family ever?!? Yes, yes we can. Your kids are so incredibly adorable. I love the picture of you and George, so precious! I think kids have extra senses such as:
~ Knowledge of when mommy is on the toilet and wants privacy (AKA time to quickly go to the bathroom and pound on the door till she comes out).
~Knowledge of when mommy is on the phone and is trying to have a conversation with another adult (AKA time to make as much noise as possible and, if possible, have a tantrum so her friend thinks she's a horrible mom whose kids run around crazy all day long).
And last but not least...
~Knowledge of when mommy is trying to take a picture (AKA time to shove your face into every picture possible, and make that face a funny face).

Kim said...

Dear Jed and Jayne,

I want to eat George's cheeks! Please send him to me via Fedex. Yo

Please and thanks!

p.s If you come to I would be forever HAPPY!

Kim said...

Um, not sure why that "yo" is there. It did make me giggle though.

Teachinfourth said...

You have so much personality in these shots...

Aiketa said...

hahah that post made me smile ear to ear!!! You have such a beautiful family!
Your kids are so adorable!

Regards from Barcelona.

Teachinfourth said...

Some very good shots.

Hannah S said...

I love it. My dad is a photographer too.....we never had framed family pictures. ever. Well, until I was in college. Now, that same photo is still in our dining room....That was taken 10 years ago. We do have family pictures taken, by him, but rarely are they printed. Lol.