Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summer's here! Hair is too hot!

What can't be endured
if you've got Cheetos?

A new handsome buzz!

Move over Uncle Dan!

Forget the kids, look at the back of
my house with finished siding!
(But aren't they cute naked kids?)

Uncles Matt, Chuck &
Danny + Jed= Parley with buzz

Thanks cousin Deacon for leading the way!


Lindsey said...

I think Britney Spears was eating Cheetos when she shaved her head too!!

He looks so dang HANDSOME!! Did you use a #2 or a #3? We just did Deacon's hair today too, with a #2. So cute.

Wells said...

darling! that last photo looks the most like matt, i think. thanks for coming up to the party on saturday!

"grama Clauk" said...

Oh, I love those cute little baby bodies! I love the one of cute Hazey looking at Parley's new "do". He looks so darling. Goodness, what cute grandchildren I have!

I think Britney was eating Cheetos, codiene, and alcohol when she shaved her head. I think they used a #1 on her, don't you?

ali degraff said...

so, what percentage of the time would you say your children are fully clothed?

britney spears said...

Hey y'all. For yer information, I WAS eating Cheetos but I was drinking Red Bull. And as fer my hair, I used a #0!

And if ya need any wig suggestions just lemme know.

Shana said...

You guys are all smoking something. It's Jed all the way. What cute kids!

P.S. Britney, what were you smoking?

c jane said...

Hooray for the buzz about The Buzz!

nie nie said...

what CUTE kids!