Sunday, July 08, 2007

Hazel Jayne Wells uses the toilet!!

SHHHHHH! She doesn't want to talk about it. No 'good job', no 'I'm proud of you'. Jed and I have to pretend we haven't been dreaming about this for TWO years.
"Nice job, Hazel. Now let's flush the toilet." [Stars and Stripes Forever] "Let me help you wash your hands." [Hallelujah Chorus]

We did it! We potty trained our firstborn! Our four year old firstborn!

Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Hazel trained herself. Jed helped get the wheels turning by suggesting an idea to her (that I've mentioned to her before--but it didn't come from her dad). We came a few steps futher until--big toilet it was!

And now....we have a kitty.


Anonymous said...

That is no small feat- one small step for mankind- one giant one for your family! love, jen

Jason & Shannon Salmon said...

Jayne congrates! We are still working on Haley a bit. I don't know what it is going to take...not a kitten because I am allergic, but if you have any ideas let me know!! :)

ali degraff said...

What a momentous occasion that must have been! Can you disguise a hug and high five for hazel from me...I would hate to have her regress over my congratulations!

Grandma Lisa said... a whisper, "Bless your heart Hazel! You did it!" (I won't tell her how HAPPY it has made her parents!)
You deserve a night out to celebrate.
And that KITTEN (not cat) has given Hazel new reason to live!
(Hazel is afraid the male kitten, Milo, will grow up into a mother cat overnight and that she will miss its kittenhood.)
Congratulations to you all!

Shana said...

Don't talk about it! Don't laugh about it! Oh, these funny girls.

paige marie said...

I sure hope you're not talking about me...I warned you not to talk about it!

I sure love that girl. Great job Hazel! (shhhh, don't talk about it)

Katie said...

Hooray for not having three in diapers! I was going to buy stock in diapers. I love that little hazey! Soon we will do the pancake party as promised. I know you are not thrilled to have a kitty- I wouldn't be either, but I haven't seen anything as cute in a long time, as hazel with her large head band and puffy hair, holding the kitty awkwardly, looking in the mirror, "He's so cute" quietly to herself. Way to Go Hazel!

emily k. smith said...

congratulations Jayne! Now if you could just get Calvin to do it that would really help me out.

I guess beating up the cabbage patch kid really helped.

c jane said...

A kitty? I am coming over!

heaps of love said...

good work hazel and fam. potty training is quite a job we learned a little trick adn it worked like a champ, so if you need help on the next one were here.

nie nie said...

thats is wonderful, happy news. i am so proud of hazel-and you jayne as well.

Lindsey said...

Did you name the kitty "Toyet"?