Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Library 911

I got a phone call at 2:11 a.m. When I heard it, I looked to Jed, who was as shocked as I was, and then ran for it before the kids woke up (not easy in my current whalish state). My immediate thought was that someone in the ward needed something--as has happened before a few times. But I couldn't come up with that many emergencies that I could help with at 2:00 a.m. Who was calling, and more importantly, why?

My caller ID said "City of Orem". Oh, someone must be in the Orem hospital.
I answered, "Hello?" On the other end, a familiar voice: "This is the Orem public library with a message for...(pause) Jed Wells. To continue, press 1."

"You've got to be kidding me." I answered back, and placed the phone back on the receiver.

"Orem Public Library with a message for you." I told Jed as I climbed back into bed. "I've been wondering when they were going to write about the things I still have of theirs." Jed responded, half asleep and quite comfortable in the warm bed.
"What?! Goodnight."

Lesson learned: Sometimes a library fine isn't the only punishment you receive for turning items in late.

Darn you Orem.


emily k. smith said...

NO! You should sue Orem for robbing a pregnant woman of her sleep! Even one that takes pregnancy as well as you do. That is not cool.

Katy said...

I must say, I find the Orem library quite clever and humorous, though, the intended victim eluded their system. Sorry you ended up being the prey!

Thanks for the good chuckle.

jayniemoon said...

True, Katy! He wasn't bothered at all!
We've been wondering how many other people it called!

c jane said...


We have a library in Provo now. Just so you know.

Lisa said...

Maybe, I'll just start calling people in the night for fun (when I can't sleep) saying I'm calling from the Provo Library! Watch out Courtney.
That is the biggest joke! I can't believe they did that. Maybe Jed needs to have his "library prividges taken away" for awhile. I hope you can find those missing items soon. :)

Lisa said...


ali degraff said...

now isn't that a sneaky tactic?! what a mean trick to play on a worrier such as yourself. You know, if it were me, the relief society president, I would just lay in bed hoping to dodge a midnight crisis. That's why the Lord knows best...

jayniemoon said...

Oh yes, the Provo library! The one I owe $45 to unless I find their blinking Italian CDs that blessed Parley has hidden!