Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dreadful January etc.

I hope your holidays were super and you're enjoying the worst month of the year. Really, does anyone actually like January? Maybe your birthday is in January, so you like it. But really, you only like your birthday, not the rest of the month.

I didn't take a single picture on Christmas day. What? I may be the third worst mother in the world (there have got to be at least 2 worse than I). To top that off, I thought I had two new video tapes to tape my kids opening presents, only when I popped them in the camera, they were full--you know, Parley's birth, and other such important events. So, we didn't video either. So forget the holiday pictures, what you are going to see today is even better.

Sometime in November, Jed sent me a Christmas picture from a family in the late 60's or early 70's and said he wanted our picture to look like that. I agreed, not knowing how serious he was. He was serious and he made it happen. Our dear friend Brad took the pictures. I sure like Brad.

We sent out the family picture with an awesome Christmas letter that Jed wrote. Here is that picture along with some of the other supers that fantastic Brad took.

Stylist: Gayle Wells, call me for phone number.

all smiles are accidental

Classic Hazel

Classic Parley

You cannot be as scared of this picture as I am...I share a bed with this man!


Lindsey said...

Words cannot describe how funny those photos are. I'm not kidding. Your Christmas card is the only one I actually kept and have posted on my fridge. I may need copies of the other 3 pictures, too, especially since I didn't know that Parley was wearing cowboy boots! Yes!

Arin said...

My birthday is in January and I still totally hate the month. I always wished I was born in May. And yes, those pictures are hilarious/scary. The funny thing is, I know tucked away somewhere my family probably has one from the early 80's that looks just as scary.

Arin said...

Oh and I'm probably the second worst mom in the world, because I didn't take a single picture of Christmas either. We forgot our camera.

janaya said...

SO funny. dying laughing.

p.s. remember how your husband is supposed to be the photographer in the family? i say the lack of pictures on christmas day is entirely his fault. :)

emily k. smith said...

You guys are the best. We have guest over who see your picture and laugh their heads off... well first they say "Ummm.... is that a current picture?", then they laugh.

You will be happy to know, Jayne Marie, that I can name not just two, but THREE mothers who I think are worse than you. And if I think about it long enough I am sure I can come up with more. I'll get back to you (and yes I hate January).

Lori said...

I still have the picture on our fridge and I still smile every time I walk past it. It is by far the funniest Christmas card we have ever received...and Emily I hope I am not one of the worst 3 mothers you are thinking of!! but I think I might be.(how in the world do you make those smiley faces?)

Anonymous said...

To make a smiley face you just type a colon, like this : and then you type a parenthesis like this )...so when you put them together, they look like this :). Is that what you meant?
You girls are so cute and such great moms.I'm so happy that you
have your play group with Jayne and Katie!
From the best mom in the whole world, Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say how cute the Wellsies are! How did you take that 70's picture? You weren't even born yet. What "dolls" Hazey and Parley are.
From the world's best grandma. :)
PS The other world's best grandma did and awesome job with the hair, costumes, and make up. I'm sure that as another world's best mom, she LOVED Jed's facial hair!

Anonymous said...

You guys are by far the "worlds best sports" You made such a contribution to everyone's Holiday joy with your family photo and letter. I love your little family and can't wait for the new little guy. Love you, Sher

Katy said...

Well, first of all, I have to say I'm sad I wasn't a recipient of these fine photos--I don't put photos on my fridge, but if I had received such a photo, I would certainly make an exception! ;)

Really, loved it. You guys are great. Ryan says he wants to do one of us. (and he's usually not one quick to follow suit of others!)

Lanceando said...

Jed is a sexy beast. That facial hair must require some sort of incredible grooming process. GRRRRRRRRR!

Summer said...

Those are hillarious1

by Johanna Brandvik said...

i'm crazy for your vintage looking photos. i just may steal the idea!