Monday, January 14, 2008

You've Got a Friend in Me

When you know you got the right gift...

Thanks for joining our family Woody!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

That is one of the cuties things I've ever seen. It's always rewarding when your children enjoy the things that you buy for them.

emily k. smith said...

We wish Parley lived closer to us so he and Calvin could play more. that is reason enough for us to move to Provo.

jed said...

i'd pay any price in this world or the next to have the time back that i give to my job instead of my kids. he's growing up while i do... this.

nie nie said...


where did you get that woody doll? Ollie would DIE for that! he is soooo into woody and buzz, its nuts.

great photos!

Lindsey said...

Dear Parley,

Yer my favorite Deputy!


Anonymous said...

Jayne, I love those pictures of Parley. He is so great. Is he ready for his baby brudda?
Love ya, Sher

jayniemoon said...

You found our blog! Yer Parley's favorite deputy too!

Steph, Toys R Us is the way to go--pack of Woody and Jessie doll combo for $22 or something--super investment. And I know that because in November, for Parley's birthday, they were out of them all over the state so I bought one on ebay for lots more--boo!

Calvin, we have an extra bed for you downstairs. I'm sure Parley would move down there if you were there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness those are the cutest! I'm so glad Parley likes that K mart Woody costume I got him! Its awesome that Woody himself reads your blog Jayne. Maybe he can hook you up with some more "WoodyBuzz" stuff! Parley is such a sweetheart and a doll!

Maybe you could post the photos we have of Jonsie sleeping with the big Homer doll at my house!

Love you Pars!
Gramma Clauk