Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

We love you!


janaya said...

awww! happy birthday dave! :)

emily k. smith said...

You have such a great dad Jayne. He is the craziest mixture of Homer Simpson and President Hinckley. What a man.

Anonymous said...

Who is that hot guy on the scooter?I remember back in the day when he was driving all over Indian Hills in the yellow VW convertable. I liked him then and I still do. Happy B'Day your sis, Sher

Anonymous said...

Dave and Homer even graduated in the same year. 1974! "Why do birds suddenly appear?" (musical notes here).
Remember when cute Dave got Lisa and Sheryl out of the canyon in our orange Volkswagon station wagon when were stuck??? He He. He was so happy to help us! (That's like President Hinkley!)
Love you Dave! You're a great husband and father. You take good care of all of us. A lot like Handy man Negre. We would all say, "You're the greatest!" And a year older. :)
Love, Marge/Marjory

Anonymous said...

By the way Emily, that is the funniest comment!
Jayne's mom