Thursday, March 27, 2008


After Parley drank the egg dye, the rice krispie treat bunnies grandma made were an especially refreshing treat. We hope you had a nice Easter too!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Drinking egg dye, nice. Less sugar then cool aid!

Lindsey said...

Ain't nothin like a little vinegar to get the party started!

Jayne, Julian is absolutely adorable! I love him!

emily k. smith said...

interesting how these boys are so picky about what they will eat but something like egg dye doesn't seem to really phase them.

"Here have some hot dinner I just slaved away over....No? Okay, well how about some egg dye?"

Emily Brimhall said...

Hi Jayne, I went private and didn't want to leave you out. send me your email address and I'll set you up.
BTW is that Heather from Jerusalem? Its been so long!

ali degraff said...

rice krispie treats wash down everything nicely! Julian is so dang handsome. beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said...

What darling photos and Wellsie kids! I just love them soooo much! (In Hazel's voice!)
Parley seems to survive all the great things he eats. He loved that old peanut butter sandwich he found in the play house. And I just laughed and watched him eat it. He was seriously enjoying it so much.
Little Julien is looking so handsome. They're all dolls!
Grandma Lisa

Nicole said...

Could your kids be any cuter? I love the pictures.