Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No, Parley!

I've never liked the book No, David. I know it's a Caldecott honor book, but I have always felt sad for poor David, who only hears No! or Don't! on every page of the book (and forgive me, but David Shannon's illustrations don't do it for me either).

Sadly, I feel like I am David's mother now, only David is named Parley. I am the mean mom who only says Don't! or No! all day long! Today Parley confirmed my fear when he stood in the living room saying:

Don't uh couch
Don't uh chair
Don't uh draw uh walls
Don't uh Julian
Don't uh Hazey
Don't uh piano
Don't uh ground

My only consolation is that David's mean, awful mother calls David to her at the end of the day gives David a hug and says, "Yes, David!" (and she also has walls with permanent marker on them). See, even us nasty mothers hug our children at the end of the day.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

You are not alone, I think every mother at one point or another feels everything that we say is negative. I also dislike the David books, whats up with the teeth?!

I thought you would like to know that we were looking through a scrapbook yesterday and Madelynne saw a picture of Hazel and said, "Thats my friend Hazel, remember when we went to get ice cream!" Took me a minute to remember that we went to the Creamery last summer :) Her memory amazes me.

ali degraff said...

thank you. i am a broken record, too. it goes like this: no, don't, you're being naughty, no, don't, you're being naughty (repeat 10 times) the poor kid is going to have a complex.

Anonymous said...

Did he really say all that stuff? Oh my! You can always come up here and mother my kids. They think you are a terrific parent! Just tell Parley that it could be worse, he could live at Aunt Shana's! That'll scare him into being grateful.

As a side note, why can't I comment on Lindsey's blog? Lindsey, if you see this, could you fix that?

Lindsey said...

Oh Jayne I feel the same way. I feel like I say "NO" all day long! This is what Deacon would say:

No uh Dishwasher
No uh Scarlett's binky
No uh Climb on things
No uh Eat your boogies
No uh Computer
No uh Throw things

...and the list could go on and on.

emily k. smith said...

I agree with the David books, I haven't actually read one as I can't get past the illustrations. Calvin calls it the "mad baby" book. Mila's first complete sentence was this:

"NO, no, no, no, no."

Anonymous said...

I never said "No Jayniemoon!"

I can't believe what bad mothers you all are. He he!
Jayne's mom

jenloumac said...

I will trade you Dane for Parley for a day! Ha ha. Really, I sometimes wonder what goes on in a little boys brain! Now imagine if you has 3 under 5 with no calm little girls to ease the testosterone overload!

Kristen said...

Hey cutie! Love your post...we've all been there! It was fun seeing you Saturday!