Friday, April 11, 2008

Someone You Should Know

from left: Ali, Jill, Jayne

It was fate that brought Ali and me together. We'd both attended UVSC taking early childhood ed. classes and never found each other until our first day of our cohort experience in the elementary ed program. I immediately picked Ali out as a new friend, I just had to convince her of it. At first I was frightened when I showed up to class the next day and she had taken notes from her chapter reading--yikes!-- and had them all organized. But that was just the first day--after that she was just as much of a slacker as I was.

It didn't take long and Ali and I had the same life, only she wasn't married to Jed. We worked at Sunset View Elementary in the morning, attended class in the afternoon and went back to SSV to work at the after school academy. We did our projects there together and ultimately student taught across the hall from each other.

Al is the most fun, thoughtful, funny, kind person you'll meet. If she's around, you want to be by her. And you'll see as you read her blog she's as real as they come--a relief in the blogging world, for sure! So, I think you should know Ali. Your life would be more fun if you did. Mine sure has been.


ali degraff said...

aw, Jayner! Thank you so much. I feel very undeserving of all those nice comments.

May I just is not happenstance that lucy's middle name is Jayne with a 'y'.

we really did have some good times! Thanks for being my friend. I'm lucky to know you!

emily k. smith said...

I already like Ali because every time I read her comments I either think: "that is what I was going to say!" or "I wish I had said that".

Anonymous said...

Ali IS a fun, cute friend! I'm glad you have each other. You are blessed with some wonderful friends, Jayne. You are a wonderful friend to many people yourself. Mom