Tuesday, December 02, 2008

About That Banner

We used to get shocked when we touched the handles of the fridge and oven at the same time in the house I grew up in. That shouldn't happen in anyone's house, but since my dad is an electrical contractor it seems especially strange. The first few times we told my dad of the problem, he sort of laughed and continued to watch the Simpsons. It wasn't until Katie actually got stuck to the appliances--seriously stuck, my mom yanked her off--that my dad fixed the problem.

I've later heard that this kind of thing (not the shocking, per say) happens to other people. Doctors' kids are often sick, construction workers' kids live in unfinished houses, teachers' kids don't do their homework, psychologists' kids are crazy (I had to do it Jed), and electricians' kids get electrocuted. It seems that when you work at something all day every day, the last thing you want to do is come home and do it some more.

And so, as the wife of a graphic designer/photographer/whatever, I found myself in the same situation with my not-so-super-cool blog. But for the longest time, it was me that said, "NO more designing." Because hanging out with Jed while he is busy on the computer isn't nearly as fun as watching 30 Rock with him. So it sat, un-nurtured, for all this time. Then, when it was mentioned that he might design some others' blogs come January (he MUST paint my basement with me first and we MUST have plenty of time to watch Pee-Wee's Christmas and The Snowman) I started to feel a little neglected.

So, just as my dad saved our lives by grounding our oven, my Jed is saving* my blog from polka-dots. He's pretty awesome. But remember, I did wait 3 1/2 years.

*As in the present tense. We're still working on a few bugs and Jed is mortified that I'd publish this without it being perfect. Maybe he won't read it. Nobody tell him.


jed said...

too late.

Patti said...

It looks so very awesome...

I once asked CJane (maybe 2 years ago) if Jed wanted to do more blog design work. I saw his name on her sidebar. She answered my email and told me she'd check - turns out he wasn't interested. Trust me when I tell you I will be first in line when he's ready.

Pink Slippers said...

My dad owns a Plumbing Construction company growing up and to this day my parents house need some repairs here and there.

Anonymous said...

jed needs game.

jayniemoon said...

Step up Anonymous! I'll take you!
This whole post is about Jed's sweet game.

Why don't get some game and show up as yourself?

Stefanie said...

Beautiful. I live with a wood worker who currently visits his wood shop annually -- at Christmas -- to help some relative create a lovely project for their family. Such nurturing.

Lindsey said...

I guess that's what happens when you're the SECOND favorite cousin after CJane. You don't get headers! But I do understand...my Dad owns GNC stores and he never sends me vitamins!

"Look Pee Wee! There's a Polar Bear!"

"I do have a YoYo!"

"I wanha weesh you a Merry Chrismah!"

Heather said...

I love your header, he did a great job.

c jane said...

"From the botto oh my harrrh" (Just to pick up where Linds left off.)

Ok where was my props in this post? I now have your login info you know, there is a world of hurt I can do.

p.s. I love you.

mrs. gardiner said...

Hi Jayne!

YOu may not remember me, but you and your sweet family moved into the Bonneville ward just before we moved out. My first baby was just born and your little Hayzie was so tiny. I think barely walking. I honestly don't know if I would remember you if it wasn't for Hazel. I played with her outside stake conference at the Provo Tabernacle (my baby was fussy) and loved that you called her Hayzie.
Anyway, thought I'd say "Hi". Your family is beautiful!

ali said...

I wish I could underpay that overpaid web designer kinda like I underpaid my fabulous wedding photographer!

I love jeds work and I am glad he finally got around to spiffing up your blog with his mad skillz.

did you know that we both know Anna Rampton/Fowler? small world.

Kim said...

Great banner! Well worth the wait! When I came to your blog (from cjane - of course) the first thing I noticed was the banner and wondered where you got such a cool one.