Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hazey adores her dad. It isn't hard for me to understand--I adore him too. But her adoration hasn't come without a fight. And a hard-fought fight at that.

Hazel doesn't just give away smiles like her brother Julian. She keeps them. Then when you've proved yourself worthy, she'll award you one. Or two.

Jed is not a gushy baby lover. He'll never ask to hold your baby at church and he has nightmares about being called into the nursery. So, Hazel's stubbornness and Jed's non-cheesiness made for a difficult match. In her baby days she wouldn't give him a chance. If you weren't putting in all your time with her, she wasn't about to give you any of hers.

Then one day, Jed graduated from BYU, and in so doing, lost BYU employment. I'd just had Parley, and Jed was now searching for a new job. I look back on that experience as a very difficult one, but Jed and I both agree we'd never change it. Being home after I'd just had a new baby gave him the opportunity to be Hazel's best friend. It wasn't easy or fast, but it came.

She has inherited his artistic talent and spends great amounts of time drawing and coloring. She is also an out-of-control perfectionist like he is too. (But she's also an emotional basket-case like me). So yesterday I came into the living room and she'd drawn the most darling picture I'd ever seen (pictured above). A couple of minutes later, she showed up in the kitchen, a shy smile on her face, presenting it to Jed: Hazey to Dad. Looking at it brought me to tears.

Later that night I was writing in my journal and I flipped back a couple of pages and found this:

She found my journal and wrote about loving her dad.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me. This is the way life should be.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.


Anonymous said...

What great taste Hazey has. :) In dad's and shoes! Did you see the red shoes on both of them??? I love "putting in my time" with Hazel. Coloring in My Pretty Pony and Hello Kitty books brings smiles AND hugs.S
Grandma Lisa

Brimley Girl said...

This post is so precious I can't even make a comment worthy of it. I just love Hazel and I love that she has a great Dad.

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness. Hazel you are such a dear! That picture is adorable, it looks like she's leading her dad off to play kitties!

Jed...I think I might have to be next on a header. I can "over pay" you too!!! ;)

Gayle said...

Jaynie (and Jed), We were so touched by Hazel's beautiful pictures and tender notes to her daddy. She is such a dear little soul and so loved by her father that to have that love returned in such a beautiful way, through her careful art work, is very wonderful. Knowing her soft-hearted daddy as I do, I'm sure he just melted to receive such a gift. I'm so glad you shared this with us.
Sister Grandma
PS Jeddy, Jayne's new blog art is absolutely beautiful. Can you think of anything sort of African for your loving mom and dad?

emze said...

Hazey is such a sweetie. We love her and I know that Chloe does too, and not just for her dress ups.
I have always marveled over her artistic ability but that picture takes the cake!

Anonymous said...

i like the new header. not related to this post.

Fowler family said...

Hi Jayne,

I came across your blog via cjane's (your cousin I think?). It has been such a treat to find your pleasant little blog and see Hazel all grown up and stuff. Jim still talks fondly of Jed. Where are you guys these days? We are back in Provo. Please look us up if you are near!

PS- I hope you don't think I am too much of a blog stalker, but I got all the way back to the post about Aly Sessions (DeGraff). She was a friend of mine and in one of my single wards way back when. Small world.

pakosta said...

that is too precious! and she sure is a great drawer!! sounds like an awesome kid who is going to grow up to do great things! love that you keep a journal. i keep one for me and one for each of my girls.

Lisa said...

That is the cutest thing ever. You need to frame that picture--it's darling!

Brimley Girl said...

I love the new headers!!!