Monday, December 29, 2008

Slinging Insults

"Mommy, you're a big mommy!" Parley told me as I passed by.
"Yeah." I said, checking out my sweet biceps.
"Mommy is a big mommy!" Parley continued to say...and say and say.

After awhile, I looked at my stomach.

Two can play this game!

Hey part of this is from you, you know, Parley! And you're not so perfect either, Parley! You still wear diapers to bed! And sometimes when I throw the football you don't catch it, Parley! You always get jam on your face when you eat your sandwich, Parley!

Later that night while laying by him...
"Mom, you're a good...cleaner."

Oh! Now I get it! It must be opposite day! I feel so much better.


jed said...

you all think that jayne is so sweet. now you see how vindictive she can be when you choose the wrong adjectives to describe her.

Anonymous said...

and that's one to grow on.

emze said...

Calvin said to me "Mom, I see that your tummy is getting all fat and full of baby". Isn't that a beautiful way to describe the miracle of pregnancy?

emze said...

P.S. Where was the hilarious Christmas card this year? I hope we didn't get left out of the loop.

Jen said...

When I was Ladd an I got engaged i was always admiring he long lean legs. One day I said to him- I hope our girls get your legs. Deeply offended he said- I hope our boys get yours. Hmmm...thanks. P.S. Parly- you don't have to take that kind of abuse- lets talk.

Emily Brimhall said...

I'm laughin out loud and my kids saw the picture of your little boy behind my back and are now pulling that same face.