Sunday, February 08, 2009


You've got to know Atticus. He's the feisty son of my only sister Katie. Surely you remember Katie . Katie, that is good at everything (except spelling), and can whip anything up that's super cute or tasty in a moment's notice? Of course you remember Katie. Nothing was ever hard for Katie until she had Atticus. He cried night and day for 4+ months. Prevacid saved the day for awhile, so then he only cried, you know, 12 hours a day.

Atticus, handsome devil with the raspy voice, still keeps Katie humble. He is a sweet little heart with the stubbornness of his mom and his dad put together (believe me, that's a lot). He and Hazel are a combo not to be reckoned with. He knows just how to push her buttons, and he loves to do it. And she screams and squeals and cries at the slightest hint of irritation. But other than that, they're the best of friends!

So it happened that I was helping babysit Atticus and his little brother, Jones, while Katie and Lance were in Florida. I came downstairs just in time to witness Atticus whacking Jones in the stomach three times. I swooped him up and put him in timeout, which this time (it changes) happened to be in the bathroom. I stood holding the door (I'm no dummy!) while he twisted the knob. He tried a few other methods and then stopped. I heard him talking, so I got closer to the door to listen.

"Dear, Heavenly Father, Jaynie put me in time-out. I hit Jonesie and Jaynie put me in time-out. Heavely Father, please help me open the door."

Oh my gosh, he's praying.

I stood there aghast. He was praying to get out of time-out. You can see what a delicate situation I was in. I was now in control of whether his prayer was or wasn't answered. Great. He should be in time-out (those were big whacks!), but he should know God answers prayers....I held for ten more seconds then opened the door.

"Atticus, I was so sad-"
"I know how to open that door."
"You just do this." (he twists his hand in a circular motion)

And just like that he was out of time-out. I sat there as he zipped past with a quick 'sorry' to Jones (it used to be only sor cause he refused to give Katie the satisfaction of the whole sor-ry, so admittedly, this was better) and had to laugh. This little sweetheart prayed when he was in trouble. But you'd better believe he was not going to let me know about it. And that, friends, is Atticus. I love that little boy.

Also heard from Atticus's mouth during Katie's trip to FL:
To Hazel: "My mom said she's always right and Jaynie's always wrong." (Real cool, Kate)
To me: "My mom said it's okay if I want to kick that popcorn bowl that Hazel has." (Seems a little strange, Kate)
To Grandma: "My mom says if I want to be mean I can." (Again, I don't get this kind of parenting, Kate)
And: One more sincere prayer in time-out at Grandma's house. (Something I think Katie really can take credit for, pretty wonderful.)


Lindsey said...

So, it wasn't the Power of Prayer that opened that was moving his hand in a circular motion, huh? Interesting....

I love you Atticus! This was the funniest post ever, and both my kids came up to me wondering what I was laughing at.

And thank you Jayne for helping with the kids so that Katie could come and see me for a couple of hours!! We had so much fun!!!

Lisa said...



megan said...

@Atticus post: very funny. I loved watching him try to work his magic and get his way from Hazel and you by saying that Katie told him he could. I also saw him defend Jones from Parley so he must like to be a good brother even if he likes to sneak in a few punches here and there.

@Katie post: Since I didn't even know what blogs were back in 2006, I didn't get to read this then, but I laughed reading it now. I would just like to point out some of your very awesome talents: you are a terrific mom (time-outs included) to your own kids and everyone else's, you are a great blogger and keep all of your readers laughing, you are a wonderful decorator, and you make everyone feel happy when they are around you.

Shana said...

You have to love their guts. Love them passionately and fiercely because sometimes, nobody else will be able to.

jed said...

i love shana's guts for that very reason.

Shana said...

Hey, lots of people love my guts.

Baxter Bugs said...

You totally don't know me.

I hopped here from CJane Enjoy it, but I'm sorry, this was truly hilarious.

And well written.

And it made me miss my sister, who lives in UT, who loves my kids too.

Sisters rock!

eRiCa said...

He is a feisty little kid...but very cute!

That story totally cracks me up. I'm thinking he displays more Hydrick than Clark...

Teachinfourth said...

Ah, the power of prayer...

It's funny, we're often told that Heavenly Father does indeed hear our prayers, usually he answers them through somebody else.

Isn't it great to think that you were the answer to a prayer?

Arin Rohrbach said...

I think Hyrum and Atticus fell from the same tree. And for that I will always have compassion for Katie.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jayne,
Thank you for making me laugh again and again! I like the story that "Grandma Chris" told me about when he stayed at her house during the Florida trip. When he was in "time out" there, he said, "You can't teach me anything Grandma." And she said, "Oh yeah, well I can teach you that you can't go to Chuckie Cheese!" Hehe!
He is a nut! A very smart, funny, darling nut.
Grandma Lisa

jayniemoon said...

Oh, and Baxter Bugs,
Welcome! Glad to have you!

Lindsey said...

I know you Baxter Bugs! I went to HS with your (SIL?) Stephanie! I saw the link to your blog from hers! Small world....

Anonymous said...

In Atticus' defense, yesterday when I was tending him, he had two Oreo's and wanted another taste of my Pepsi. I said, "Oh Atticus, your mom isn't going to like how much sugar I'm giving you!"
Atticus said, "But, we have to tell our mom's the truth don't we Grandma, or else they'll be sad huh?"
Grandma Lisa
So there you have it Katie. :)