Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Note for You...and You and You

Hazel's kindergarten class is learning to write letters. Everyone in the class writes one letter to a person who's name s/he randomly picks, so everyone can have a letter, and if they have free time, they can write to other people. Then someone gets to be a mailcarrier and delivers the letters to the childrens' boxes. Oh, if we could all be in kindergarten. There is no economic crisis in kindergarten! Just cookie clubs and letter people.

Hazel was so pleased to get some letters.
"Mom! I got so many letters! I saved them so we could read them at home!"
She got them out of her pink lightning-bolt backpack (and we thought we'd never go back to the 80's) and we opened them together one by one. The notes were in a special format that went like this:

Dear _______________,

You're a




Hazel's first note told her she was a "bac" friend. Her second note, a "cied" friend. While Hazel and I read them, I did my best to keep a straight face.
"What does that say Mom?"
"Wow, Haze, I don't know. B-a-c-k, no, B-a-s-s, no, hmm. I think it means best friend, Haze."
"Oh. What does that one say?"
"S-i-gh-ed, no, k-y-ed, oh. Probably kind, Hazey. You are a kind friend."
"Oh." She chuckles. "b-a-c?"
We both laugh.

So, because it brought so much joy to us, I'm sending some notes to some of my frequent commenters. And believe me, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Ali, You're a dkt friend!
Megan, You're a utr friend!
Lisa, You're a ogw friend!
Mom, You're a rwp friend!
Shana, You're a hnr friend!
Sheryl, You're a uir friend!
Emze, You're a gbt friend!
Teachinfourth, You're a bdt friend!
Lindsey, You're a vcd friend!
Camille, You're a nfb friend!
Heather, You're a xcg friend!
Jed, You're a wiq friend!
Katy, You're a biy friend!
Jen, You're a pir friend!
Nicole, You're a bsc friend!
Anon, You're a ght friend!


What? I missed you? Well, heaven knows I didn't mean to do that. Leave me a comment and I'll write you a note!


Anonymous said...

so hurt i didn't make the first round. ouch.

YellowMutt said...

ooh oooh! can I be a friend??? one of any kind would be great!

jed said...

anonymous, you are anon. and if i remember correctly, you're a ght friend. high praise indeed.

emze said...

kjdfkaj msklje msk lmaoiens. apoiw..s poi w m.apowik $%(*(#! aipiwie a.lwknelkms sopipwm apoise Poiwlsdljlkj an,wo
Thanks Jayne!

jayniemoon said...

You're a ybn friend!

jayniemoon said...

Are you skimming my posts? Talk about ouch.

Nicole said...

Oh, I hope being a "bsc" friend is a good thing. I was so excited to be included. Kindergarten was such a great time!

Katy said...

You make me chuckle.

ali said...

wow. those letters take me back to teaching first grade! I am glad I can be your dkt friend. since I know that is short for dediKated. and that I am.

Lisa said...



Shana said...

Well, I hope that is better than being a #@! friend. Those were the best. I was laughing out loud.

jay said...

it's me again your friend jay. i just wanted to tell you jayner that you are truly a mlrk friend! the best there is. keep the posts coming jayne, this kind of laughing is great for the soul! -miek

megan said...

Thanks, Jayne! I don't know if it's better to be an utr friend or a cied friend, but I am happy to be any kind of friend of yours. And you're lucky 'cause our kindergarten doesn't do anything that fun!

Brimley Girl said...

Megan...being the uir friend is just a little better than being the utr friend. Sorry.

Jayne this is so adorable. I love you and Hazel.

jayniemoon said...

Jay, (if you add an "ne" to Jay it's cooler)
You're a hwg friend!

Janssen said...

Oh man, that is hilarious.

jayniemoon said...

You're a tyw friend!

Chuck said...

Your lucky none of my siblings are on there... Otherwise I'd have to take you off of my Other Blogs List!!!

jayniemoon said...

Well doy, Chuck, it said FREQUENT commenters. I think this is your second comment in three years.

Dear Chuck,
You're a rnf friend!

Greg said...

Jayne, I don't need a letter (not that it wouldn't mean a lot). But I just wanted you to know that you had me laughing so hard I actually cried. I had to reign myself in cause it was turning into a real cry and I wasn't sad. So dang funny.

jayniemoon said...

You better believe I'm writing you Greg!

Dear Greg,
You are a hbn friend!

Kiera said...'re funny Jayne!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hazel,
You are the cutest, sweetest five year old granddaughter ever!
Love, Grandma Clark

Jayne said...

Dear Kiera,
You're a tef friend!