Monday, March 09, 2009

Boo To You Daylight Savings

because you made us late to church yesterday.

because you've made my kids think 10 pm is an okay bedtime.

because Julian's nap time is totally messed up.

because no one should be made to feel lazy for sleeping past eight.

because I spend too much time wondering what time it "really" is.

because the nasty vanilla yogurt won't mix together well and gives me the willies.

because Julian dumped out a whole box of cornstarch. Twice.

because (apparently--this just in!) the economy is looking extra bleak and banks are failing. (Have you heard about this?)

because it's snowing again.

because Julian crawled around with a cd under one hand rendering it unusable.

because it is still winter.

because (get this!) we've kind of trashed our earth.

because I swept my floor 7 times today.

because Britney Spears is back on tour.

because our nation is trillions of dollars in debt.

because Conan is off the air.

because I've listened to all of my This American Life podcasts.

because I've done three batches of laundry today and am still not done.

Boo to you, Daylight Savings! Boo to you.

(Have anything else to add to the list?)


jed said...

yeah, because julian dumped a box of corn st... wait.

Heather said...

I like this Jayne!
*because my younger children took all the sheets and blankets off of the beds.
*because Abbi cut up her brothers pillow, her sisters gift card to red robin and her craft from the library.
*because I have ten loads awaiting me in the hallway.
*because Paul has another month of school, because they didn't give him a class, again!
*because family makes me feel so left out with how they treat each other differently.
*because I need to not gain so much weight but exercising puts me in PAIN.
I think that'll do for now. We really should get together after the snow is all gone!!

KB said...

I used to listen to This American Life podcasts every day while I worked, and then one day I had heard them all - every single one. It was a very bad day! We are sending warm wishes!!!

Lisa said...



Anonymous said...

OOOOh! I want to play:

because you made me tired and lazy Sunday AND Monday!

because you made my skin itchy because it's so cold.

because it's dark in the morning now.

because I have to use the bathroom lights in the morning to become beautiful. It's a waste of electricity.

becasue you made Jayniemoon have a bad day. Cornstrach and all!

Ta-Dah! Love from Ohio!

Lindsey said...

It was strange to have to take Deacon to school and it was dark outside. And that strangely since we Sprung Forward it's been in the 80's, and that's hot for March.

Jayne, do you really say "batch" of laundry? I say "load". Does your Mom say "batch", too? That's finny.

Teachinfourth said...

I couldn't agree with you more...however, it also means that we are able to go to bed a bit earlier and we get out of school, work, and church an hour earlier, too.

Of course, we have to GO an hour earlier...

Nicole said...

I want to play...

Because my face broke out and I look like a pepperoni pizza!

Because I am so stinkin' tired, and I'm sure it isn't because I'm pregnant!

Because 2nd year dental school really is what I picture the opposite of Heaven being!

Because I eat to much ice cream!

Because I have to live so far away from my family and dear friends!

Wow! That actually made me feel a little better, thanks! Oh, and sorry about the corn starch.

megan said...

I'm in.

because my kids are angry. all day long. why? I don't know either.

because I am tired and grumpy all day long too.

because I had to take a sleeping pill last night (not CR) and I am still groggy.

because I still don't ever know what to make for dinner, and I am still sick of the news and the economy.

not because my kids still wake up at the same early time they had been doing, because now it "feels" more acceptable considering what the clock says.

not because I ignored any good sensible budget and just bought myself two new pairs of shoes. Thanks to you, tax return. thank you.

No thanks to you, daylight savings.

oh, and one more thing, how did little Jules get ahold of the cornstarch...twice!?

Anonymous said...

mmmmm...delicious minty-yum-yums corn starch.

emze said...

yeah, about the cornstarch... so did you clean it up and put it back in the box and then he dumped it again? I guess if you sweep your floors seven times a day that is okay to do. Or did he dump half of it one time and the other half the second time. That would make more sense and worry me less about you using cornstarch from the floor. And FYI cornstarch is great for diaper rash so maybe Jules was just trying to get comfortable.

As for all this booing I think it must be said "Boo to the reuniting of New Kids On the Block". I mean, they are hardly new and they are NOT kids anymore so if they are going to reunite I say they change their name to something more appropriate. Perhaps The Worn Old Guys on the Block, or something like that.

Katy said...

...because SOMEONE told me my baby wasn't going to learn to read because she's not crawling yet.

come on, don't tell a mother that.

Anonymous said...

Emze-That's hilarious. I thought it was creepy that the new kids have chest and facial hair, kids of their own that are the age we were when they 1st came out. Creepy.

jayniemoon said...

so great to read about all your daylight savings woes. I've been laughing all through it!

Heather, the cutting up of pillows and gift cards is so sad!
Nicole, I understand--weren't we supposed to be done with zits in jr. high? Who lied to me about that?

And to clear up the cornstarch thing--Megan and Emily called me out on it--No, I didn't sweep it up and put it back in the box. So funny and gross to think about it though. He actually spilled half the box of cornstarch first. Then I put it away (not good enough I guess) and he dumped the rest later.

Linds, I wish it were 80 degrees here!

And BOO on dark mornings!

jayniemoon said...

by the way Katy,

who would ever say such a thing?
BOO on them!

Paige said...

Boo to daylight savings...

*because you made me trip in front of a bunch of people on the ice in skyline's parking lot

*because I fell asleep in financial literacy and drooled on my real esate assignment

*because you made my hand sanitizer spill all over my purse

But literally, boo to daylight savings for making it cold and dark in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what Shana would do if cornstarch spilled all over her floor twice with just paper towels?

Linds, I don't say batch. I say load. Batch is cute though I think!
Jaynie might just be tired out with all that Day Light Savings stuff going on. I wonder if Gramps is confused???
Lisa Marie

Brimley Girl said...

I looked on the Ultra Gain and it says 64 loads, not batches. I might start saying batches because that makes me think of cookies and I love cookies.

jayniemoon said...

Paige, remind me to tell you of the time I tripped in the hall of flags at UVSC with people sitting in chairs on both sides of me. I actually swung my bag around and around to get my balance. Another of my embarrassing moments. Stupid daylight savings!

I don't know where I got batch. Maybe I got batch from Jed. We'll have to ask Gayle if she says batch. But yeah, I try to look at the positive in all things--like Sheryl said, I compare laundry to cookies.

Shana said...

I can do a lot with a paper towel. Don't you think I couldn't have that corn starch all cleaned up within seconds with a good, wet paper towel. Or maybe with a batch of paper towels. I think paper towels are the solution to everything. They'd probably help that baby to crawl and read. I know they are the fix to the poor economy. Paper towels never make people trip. And paper towels don't tell time. They don't even care about time.

Shana said...

And paper towels would never make us dial that #$& 801 first.

Stefanie said...

I'm afraid it's the Wells influence. I say "batch." Also I call bad guys "toads." My siblings call their children "pal," (so do my mom's siblings) and every once in a while I hear my sister say, "not to fret."

Dad once said that eventually our parents' words will be the voices we hear in our heads --our conscience. True.

PS litter from dumped paper shredders is also tricky to clean up. But zebra stripes made with permanent marker on carpet comes off with Oreck pet stain remover. So..."not to fret", Spring is on its way.

Anonymous said...

I like "loads" of paper towels.
And "loads" of cookies. Yes, Shan, I CAN picture you cleaning up that cornstarch in a jiffy with loads of paper towels.
What time is it really anyway???

Anonymous said...

I know, I hate how Day Light Savings Time has made us have to dial more numbers on our phone!!!
L again

jed said...

amen, stef.

when jayne asked me about "batch" when this all came up, i said it sounded perfectly natural. i'm afraid i can hear mom right now (that voice in my head) saying "i'm doing a batch of whites, anyone want to toss something in?"

i rarely call my boys by their given names. i call them pal.

Chuck said...

because you ruined my sleep schedule when you made me wake up earlier on Sunday, making me tired enough to take a nap in the afternoon, which turns out to be a 3 hour nap, so as bed time comes around I lay in bed till past 4:00 a.m. thinking to myself how crappy the rest of the day is going to be (Monday, now since its well into Monday), since I'm getting no sleep, which in turn helps me fall asleep early that evening, although the lack of sleep really caught up to me on Tuesday, so while I study for a Quiz and a Test which are both on Wednesday, I fall asleep, making me have to wake up even earlier so I can get that study time, in the morning just before the Quiz and Test happen...
and because I failed my Quiz and my Test today...

Anonymous said...

Jaynie, You really need to think about something. You should be a daily blog writer. I know your family keeps you busy. I know that Julian is into EVERYTHING, but I need more. More of your delightful videos, more of Jed's drug induced ramblings, Hazel's cute little face and Parley too.
Do they have rehab for your blog?
Love from Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Dang Chuck! That IS bad!!! So sorry!