Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paul, I Think I Told You,
I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter

1. When you had your carpet cleaned, they ruined your carpet. You...
a) call immediately and demand a replacement.
b) cry, and call the company to discuss options.
c) figure it was old anyway, and let it go.

2. When driving to the grocery store a punk kid drives past and flips you off. You...
a) speed up to catch up to him. You've got a middle finger too!
b) yell back, Geez buddy!
c) laugh.

3. You just got in a fight with your spouse. It has been 20 minutes since the fight. You are now...
a) still wondering what you could have said to one up her/him.
b) still mad and silent. This will last for awhile.
c) over it.

4. In a fight you...
a) yell, scream, get it all out.
b) get quiet and hurt.
c) hold things in.

5. Your roommate is always inconsiderate: making loud phone calls, turning on the light while you sleep, leaving messes. You...
a) happen to "accidentally" throw his phone into the washer, step on his clothes with muddy shoes...
b) tell her to knock it off
c) be silently annoyed.

6. The video store insists you have a late fee. You are pretty sure you don't. You...
a) Refuse to pay it and leave in a huff.
b) Argue with the clerk until he finally takes the fine off.
c) pony up the $3 and be ticked about it in the car.

7. You're headed to an important meeting and your spouse is late to come sit with the kids-- causing you to be late. When s/he gets there, you...
a) scream, "Where have you been?!"
b) hand him/her the diaper bag and leave without saying anything.
c) you are gone, having called a neighbor to sit with the kids.

8. You're ready for church (starting in 5 minutes) and you're waiting on your spouse to be ready to leave. You...
a) honk from the car until s/he comes out.
b) huff and puff around the house waiting in disbelief. Why aren't we leaving??
c) stay home.

9. Your spouse just bought a new ipod and you've both agreed to save money. Your reaction?
a) Two can play this game! (
b) What the *#&$?
c) Is it a Nano or a Touch?

10) You've had a good fight. It was a biggie. How long does it take you to get over it?
a) a few hours--I've got to get out of the house.
b) oh, days. Maybe weeks. I love being miserable. Martyrdom is part of the punishment.
c) 20 minutes. I need help doing the dishes!

Mostly a's:
you're a stubborn bum.

Mostly b's:
you're a whiny bum.

Mostly c's:
you're a wimpish bum.

Can you tell me what song my title came from?

(You're an eager beaver bum.


Josh said...

The Doggone Girl is Mine by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. (I think it is really just called "The Girl is Mine.")

It was on a cherished mix made by a dear friend in high school.

And I didn't take the quiz. I don't like self-awareness.

Anonymous said...

I am a wimp except for the middle finger one. I would give it right back to them...with 2 hands. :)Love from Ohio

Megs said...

Josh is right about the song.

And this quiz totally reminded me of the quizes I used to spend hours doing in Seventeen Magazine during high school.

emze said...

Whiny and sometimes whimpy. Thanks Jayne, I love reading other peoples blogs to find out my negative characteristics.

a not so desperate housewife said...

yep...we're pregnant and due the end of may. boy #2! hope things are great with you guys and we should hang out sometime with our gaggles of children :)

Lindsey said...

"What can I do, girl to get through to you?
I think I love you (love you)
Baby (baby)
Standing here, baptising all my tears..."

I also do not do quizzes and do not like self-awareness.

ali said...

I don't know the name of your song.

I do like to label my deficiencies. wimpish bum.

ktb said...

I knew the song but I was too late to prove it!