Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On Motivation

Jed and I were driving in the car the other night. The radio was on and there was some sort of program going on that people could call in and sing their favorite song. After listening to rendition after terrible rendition, I started to wonder about motivation. What was it that pushed these people to call the radio station and sing for others all over the state? Did they just feel ultra-confident about their voice? Passionate about the particular song? Anxious to be heard on air?

(Thanks dojiline for the sweet flikr picture)

I am partially motivated by guilt. I volunteer to give prayers and I answer all of the doy questions because no one else will do it. And I can't bear that the poor teacher suffer any longer in silence. Would I feel guilty enough to call the radio station and sing because no one else was doing it? I don't think so. Now, if it was a poor sap teaching Sunday School while staring around the room at everyone looking at their feet? Maybe. Probably...if the silence lasted just long enough. I swear, if you're a teacher, you want me in your class. I'd sing a blinking solo just to keep you from developing those embarrassing armpit tacos.

So, I was wondering about this, and the next day in church we were singing Hymns as a congregation. Out of nowhere I hear a voice singing a descant. The descant is nice, don't get me wrong, but again, I start to wonder. What is it that gives one the motivation, the courage, the will to go ahead and sing the descant--even if she is the lone high soprano amidst a whole bunch of lay-singers?

And comments. We all know the type of person that comments every time there is a pause in a discussion, lesson, conversation, meeting. You're thinking of one right now, aren't you. What is it that causes such a burning desire to express everything and all the time? I just don't know. Or what about non-commenters? You know, those that probably really have something great to say, but don't. Maybe too shy? Too proud? Not confident? Scared of others' reactions? Don't care?

And you. What motivates you?

(And it's okay if you're too shy, proud, not confident, scared of others' reactions or apathetic--I won't expect an answer from you. I will wish for one. Hope for one. Dream of one.)


Robynn's Ravings said...

Well, I was going to comment but then, I was afraid I might be one of those who jumps into silent spaces, or things they should have something to say about everything.

So, after pondering that, I was afraid I had waited too long and had something good to say but might be too proud, or intimidated to say it.

Not sure where that leaves me but it must be why I blog. I'm still figuring it all out. (P.S. I would have called the radio station to sing if only to give people something to talk about. lol)

Anonymous said...

I have always, almost to a fault, had something to say. My husband tells people, yes, pretty much strangers, that I would talk to the wall if it would talk back. Nice.

Well, that is me in my personal life. That has not changed. However, in my professional life, I have become a thinker. Thinking before I speak my mind, good or bad. My manager is the type of person that she will forever and ever hold it against you if she does not agree with you. I have learned that my opinion is just better left unsaid at the office.

By the time I get home, I am rip roaring and ready to vent. My poor husband. He hears it all night long. I love him so much just for listening to me complain or share my opinions.

So to end my story, by the time I turned 27, I developed a HUGE fear of speaking in front of people. I have actually let this fear change my life. So, I would not call into a radio station because there are way too many people in Ohio to perform on that stage. Much Love.

MommyMert said...

I am somewhere in the middle... I used to be the comment anytime anywhere kinda gal, but I like to lean towards to speak only when its really good kind of comment gal. Dunno... but I like the people who call in and have the confidence to do so. Sometimes I wish I had enough confidence to do so. :) Love ya girly. And, I read your blog all the time, but I wouldnt have commented if you didnt post something about it, haha... Good bloggin'

megan said...

I always answer/ed for those teachers stuck with a horrible silence too. But that really didn't make me a martyr because my hand shot up on every interesting question too. What can I say? I am a question answerer. I like that I know the answer!

As for commenting...I'm sure I comment plenty, but there are places I won't do it, like a movie, or a play, or an opera (take those in any particular order). It really drives me crazy when people comment to me at those kinds of things. Just shut up already!

I don't know what that added to your motivation thoughts...guess my motivation is self centered :)

Cassanovaxiyg said...
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