Sunday, March 22, 2009

A lot Can Happen in 9 months (I'm not pregnant).

July 08

Patchwork carpet, no furniture.
I don't know, Parley! Find an animal to lay on!

March 09

jump! (for my love)

July 08

Community boxspring/sort of mattress. Who cares about Mom?

March 09

a real office, mr. tax man. Mom is cared about (see giant picture)!

July 08

One day, a laundry room

March 09



Megs said...

Nothin' I appreciate more than a well used cuss word. And you aced it.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Especially loved the community bed picture. Been there, done that, miss it like mad. Still call my TEENS in to jump in the sack with mom in the mornings where we all have coffee and catch up!

Lindsey said...

How in the samhell was all of your Mom's bedroom furniture saved? and where? I fondly remember that giant circle mirror.

That community bed picture is great.

And, I wouldn't be suprised (well, maybe) if another type of "9 Month Announcement" was in the near future. ;)

Love you Wells Family!

megan said...

Ha ha ha... I love this post!

You guys have done tons to that house in nine months! I, for one, am impressed. Laundry room or no laundry room.

Stefanie said...

Ahh --Jayne.
You just made my day.

('Course you know we'll need to do a little post entitled, "Repent Jayne, Repent" if this laundry situation continues...)

Shana said...

Hahahaha! Just go find an animal to lie down on? That's my favorite part of this post. I can totally hear myself saying something like that to one of my whiny, bored kids who are bothering me about what to do.

Teachinfourth said...

You know, some of my best memories are from growing up in a 'patchwork' house. Your kids will have all sorts of wonderful recollections of these days...

That or need some serious therapy.

Camille Hill said...

Why is it that moms' wants and needs are always put last? Love your choice of cuss word - it's ONE of my favorites!

Brimley Girl said...

I fondly remember that circle mirror from my grandparents bedroom, then your mom's bedroom.

Um Linds, who might be making that 9 month announcement?

I'm just relieved that there was an animal for Parley to lay his tired little head on. Julian had to sleep sitting up.

Love ya

Anonymous said...

What a great house and cute family. You made me laugh again Jayne...and Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Damn! I can just picture you thinking for a long time before you wrote that in there. I love when you and your mom curse like that, it is hilarious!