Friday, March 06, 2009

Thinking Aloud on my Blog (kind of boring--I'm warning you.)

I didn't ever want to teach Kindergarten. I didn't even want to teach first grade. I taught third, and I thought that was nice. They were old enough to do things at their seat independently, but young enough to still be sweet. I think I would like fifth grade, maybe because I loved to be a fifth grader. Fifth grade has a fun social studies curriculum too (snore...I warned you!). But Kindergarten? No way. Too much tattle-telling and too many band-aids. I didn't even certify to teach Kindergarten.

Tonight, at Hazel's Kindergarten program, my grandma leaned over and asked me if I thought I'd ever like to teach Kindergarten. I never thought I'd say it, I told her, but yes.

Kindergarteners are filled with this intense joy. They are so excited about learning, and they are happy about little things like Letter People. Plus, Kindergarten teachers have the ability to set the tone for the rest of all these students' education. Hazel's teacher is fantastic. I love to listen to her talk with the students. She makes them each feel so important. Isn't that what a good teacher does? Be grateful for your child's teacher. They work so hard. So hard.

I get asked quite often if I'll teach again when my kids are all in school. I don't know that I know yet. Heaven knows I wouldn't do it for the money. Before Hazel was in school, I hadn't been in the schools for awhile, and I remembered a lot of time and a lot of work when I thought of teaching. It is an emotional thing to teach! You take on 25 little peoples' problems and have to decide how to make them better. Sadly, some of their little problems aren't little at all. But, helping in Hazel's class has reminded me how much I love to be in the classroom. I've really missed it. Making 25 little peoples' day a little brighter? Or helping even one little person figure out a concept or be a kinder friend? What an awesome responsibility. Pretty incredible if you can do it.

I can't say I know I'll teach again. My license has expired now. I'd have to go back to school--I have no idea what kind of requirements it would take. But maybe, since I'll have to go back anyway, I'll see if I can get that K added to my 1st-8th certification. Just maybe.


Lisa said...



Teachinfourth said...

If so, we could teach at the same school again, J! That would be awesome!

megan said...

I never thought about how hard teachers work, until I took home something to help prepare for 4 kindergarten classes. I thought my arm and shoulder would fall off from doing the stapler--4 staples each!--so many times (I know they've invented the auto-stapler, but I am not so lucky as to have one). That was just one piece of paper for each child, that would take them approximately 5 minutes to complete. How much extra time a teacher spends for every day lessons I cannot even comprehend. And that is not even the emotional aspect of things!

I think it would be awesome if you taught again, and if you taught Kindergarten. It does set the tone...and you would be great at that!

Megs said...

I have those same thoughts quite often. (not about whether to teach K--I did it before and if I went back I'd do it again) but about whether or not I'll go back to teaching. I LOVED IT but you're right, its so hard not only physically but emotionally. One thing I do know is that kids deserve teachers to love them and love teaching and that is something you would do for them. You've got the love thing down. And in my opinion you can't beat Kindergarten--the kids are adorable and you can have the easy option of teaching 1/2 day.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I hate to tell you this.....

You'd probably be GREAT with kindergartners with all your fun, happy energy!!

Nicole said...

First of all, I'm sure you are a fantastic teacher, and you would be at any grade level. Second...are those the same letter people we went to kindergarten with? Surely not, but wow what a flash back. Does Hazel get to go to the same school we went to? Thanks for walking to kindergarten with me, I have a picture of us on the first day of school inside your mom and dad's house somewhere, it is really fun to see!

jayne said...

I'm so glad we walked to kindergarten together! I think I have the same picture!
And--I don't know for sure, but I think they really ARE the same letter people we had! The same songs and all. The reason I think so is that Hazel says some of them are popped so they can only stay in class for a little while!

ali said...

oh and maybe if you went back you could get Dr. Corrigan to give you another good kick in the butt with her "BIG IDEAS" and essays and curriculum maps. and then you could meet up with a friend named ali and complain about all the work. Then stop by wendys for a frosty or by the basement dungeon for some summer pasta?!? Oh wouldn't it all be so great?!?!

I miss you! I still feel guilty when I think about your 3rd grade student teaching experience being so stressful and emotional, and mine being nearly carefree. And I miss sitting in an adjacent cubicle listening to you tutor kids in reading and seeing you dressed as Miss Nelson. Or how about wresting with tanner and old whats-his-name (oh how could I forget?) and hearing your completely awesome Harry Potter accents!

Oh jayner...those were the days. maybe we'll go back....together!

The Despot said...

You've made me all homesick for those days! Dr. Corrigan! Wonder what she's up to these days?
And are you thinking of Porter or Wesley? Both funny to remember! And thanks for remembering my SWEET Harry Potter voices--no one seems to care around here!
And the dungeon basement...can't believe you had to remember that.

jayne said...

whoops, that was Jayne.