Sunday, March 01, 2009

Wireless Internet? Amazing!

"Let me ask you one question," Jed said Friday night as we were getting ready to watch a movie, "How Ghetto is it that we have no sheets on our bed and are sleeping on a quilt and have no pillow cases?"
"Well, you have one pillow case at least. I don't have any." I retorted. (Don't mess!)

See, one morning I woke up to Parley next to me eating the chocolate treat I'd put under his pillow. Only, the chocolate treat was also all over my bed. So, I threw those sheets downstairs to be washed.

Not long after, (but let's be honest, long enough to where the other sheets should've been washed, and folded) Jules threw up on our next set of sheets. So, it really was sheet washing time. We have other sheets, they're just outside in the shed waiting with a whole bunch of other shnackle to be unpacked and loved again. (Are you saying ghetto to yourself? Don't lie!)

I washed the sheets. But they weren't dry in time for bed, so, I got the old green quilt one of Jed's old girlfriends made for him (not nearly as awesome as the denim one I made him) and lay it out where the sheets ought to have been. It wasn't a bad night, so when the next day came, I forgot to put the sheets on the bed again. (Quit it with the ghetto!)

SO, the story goes on like this for a few days--what? Did you forget my bad back?--until Jed made that comment. So, just like the little red hen, who planted the wheat, harvested the wheat, took the wheat to the mill, and made the cake, I, Jayne alone, took the sheets off the bed, washed the sheets, dried the sheets, and finally, put the sheets back on the bed. You'd think I was Cinderella or something! Because I'm so pretty and I love mice!

Unfortunately, since Jed posed the question, I've been aware of all the other ghetto-ish things in our life. Like the broken giant mirror on our patio, or the rabbit ears on our tv (what do you mean there's a switch to digital tv?!).

So, I admit it. I'm a teensy bit ghetto-y. But you'll remember, Jed did not get the sheets and put them on the bed. Jed is equally as ghetto as I am. Absolutely. Maybe more so. For sure more so. And that is why we make such a sweet sweet ghetto-y pair.

Oh, and by the way, why didn't anyone ever tell me wireless internet was so great?


Teachinfourth said...

Glad to see that you've finally admitted to being in 'the ghetto.' Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

If you need any validation or encouragement along the way, just give me a call down here in 'the hood.'

Lisa said...



jed said...

i was going to say something about how the ghetto suits me, but when i realized i was going to use the term "ghetto mama" to describe you, i decided i'd never, ever, write out that thought.

you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

wireless rules! having more than one outlet in the bedroom to plug your laptop into is even better.

Nan said...

at least you have extra sheets, we have one set for our bed, the kid barfs in the middle of the night I pull out a not quite big enough flat sheet till the original sheets get cleaned, (double cleaned if it was a really stinky barf!) When they barf on the down comforter, I just shake my fists in the air, WHY? WHY?

Katy said...

I believe there is ghetto-ness deep (or not so deep) within every one of us. Like my mailbox that someone took a baseball bat to...I just spray painted over it.

Embrace it.

megan said...

I, too, am impressed that you have 2 pairs of sheets, unpacked, and that you can find. If the middle-of-the-night bed messing by various children comes, I have to search all over for clean sheets (disorganized?) and in the end I end up putting a quilt on, just like you. But you are a better person. I'd for sure skip over the old girlfriend quilt.

jed said...

by way of explanation about that quilt, and in defense of myself for keeping it:

we were years into our marriage before we put it together where it came from. we both assumed my mom made it or something. by the time we were sure an old girlfriend had made it for me, it was already like the family dog: hard to look at, but harder to get rid of. besides, that thing is basically a rag. i've used it to clean orange juice off the floor, i swear.

jayniemoon said...

Well, nice to see there are others with ghetto tendencies. Nan, maybe it runs in our genes!

Yeah, the quilt. Funny that we have it. But when I ran into this particular girlfriend a few years after Jed and I were married, she asked me how "....what's his name?...Oh Jed!" was. I figure there's no threat there! And we got a substitute for sheets quilt out of that relationship!

Anonymous said...

Jaynie, I opened your blog, wanting to catch up on your cute family, and I thought...holy crap! How in the world did they get a picture of my bed??? I had to look at the clock to notice that it's not my room! Too funny! Rather than call it "ghetto" (because we live too close to Cleveland and the real ghetto), we call it billish. A bit hillbillish! Then we go to Wally World (Wal Mart) and get more sheets to replace the ones that see to have been donated to Goodwill with the rest of the dirty laundry. Love from Ohio!

Jen said...

Jayne- Yeah- I discovered wireless interenet a few months ago-awesome. You are SUCH an incredible writer. You entertain me every time I stop by! Jed- I find your explanation hard to swallow- you forgot? My husband has also forgotton SO much. It must be a male thing.

jayniemoon said...

True Jen. Jen rallied around me in the midst of another old girlfriend mishap (remember I know ALL the old girlfriends), so I do take her thoughts quite seriously.

Now you've got me thinking. Who, and I mean who, forgets where a big, green,(funny looking) flannel quilt came from. Almost as good as the "what's his name again" comment from her.
But it so laughable to think of them together today, that it is worth keeping the quilt!

jayniemoon said...

Oh, and Ohio--Kim is that you?, billyish is a perfect! I love it!

Randi said...

Found your blog through a friend's. Delightful! :)

You gave me a smile for my day.

ShOrt StoRy said...

Well I dare to say I am ghetto-ish too....get THIS!
We only have 1, uno, one pair of sheets for our bed...and we never wash them...just kidding, I do wash them, I promise!

Carin said...

We've given ghetto a new name around know dressed it up a bit, so it feels a little cooler. Our van, for example is ghetto-licious.
You might also try ghetto-fabulous on for size (so named by one of Eric's ex-con employees).