Monday, March 23, 2009

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I used to play Would You Rather with my friends in high school. We had a grand old time and would try to see who could come up with the best ones. When I married Jed, I'd try to convince him to play with me. He hated it and refused to play, insisting he didn't want either of the choices--they were both terrible.

We've had many conversations like this one:
"That's the whole point of Would You Rather. You have to choose from two terrible things."
"I don't have to choose either one."
"Come on! Just choose one!"
And he wouldn't. And he still doesn't. He won't choose.

So I'm asking you to play with me. It swear to you it's so funny! We'd have a ball if we were playing while cruising the streets with Dr. Pepper and Hot Tamales, but I don't get out cruising nearly as much as I used to (husband's orders!) so you'll have to play it with me on my blog. I'm going to change the question often, so don't forget to come back. It's a lonely one person game.

Oh, and if you come up with some good ones (see that's part of the fun), email me and we'll put it up. ( Don't be mean or gross though (you know, grosser than hot dog water) cause I'm pretty nice and all.

And, if you haven't tried Limon chips, go get some today. Y-U-M. Try them with your chicken water.


Anonymous said...

I want to play!

Would you rather drink a cup of chicken fat or eat dog food?

Kim :)

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I love how you have a picture of Tina Fay under President Eyring. I don't know why I find that so funny :) When I read your question my thought was "clearly hotdog water" its clear water with a tint of hotdog flavoring. Chicken water has all those floaties it it. I was rather shockedto see that I was in the minority! Strange chicken water people!

ktb said...

Ann Dee and I used to play this game all the time. I love Dr. Pepper and hot tamales.

Shana said...

Sorry Jayne. I'm with Jed on this one. I just can't have fun with this game because there is no way I'd have to drink either one of these gross things. I know it's supposed to be fun and what if I was dehydrated in the desert, blah, blah, blah but I'm just no fun with this one.

But I know who to have Serena call next time she tries to play with me (and she does try).

emze said...

Mark won't play this either. Of course he is at liberty to ask me which of two girl celebrities I would most likely kiss but when I ask him which of two male celebrities he thinks is the hottest, he refuses to play! It is so unfair.

I remember passing a few hours of tardy make up playing this game, and I still love it.

And I noticed your rules did not state that I couldn't chop up some onions, carrots and celery and boil them with my chicken water - thus creating chicken stock which most of us drink anyways - I am a champion at this game, what else have you got?

megan said...

I love this game too. My brother Bart (I know you know who Bart is, but I always like to identify people) sometimes has "Weekend Would You Rather" questions on his blog. But his questions aren't really chosing between two bad things, more like two fun options...check it out sometime if you want somebody to play with! ( Me, I like it either way.

As for the hotdog water, blegh. I hate boiled hotdogs. Chicken water doesn't sound much better, but I guess if I let it simmer a long time, I could choke down some chicken water.

Emze--that is a typical guy thing to do. Bother.

Teachinfourth said...

Would you rather fall off of a 14-story building and catch your eyelid on a nail OR have your right leg chewed off by a shark?

Both are such good choices...

jed said...

i can't believe any of you are playing this game. you know you don't get anything for choosing to drink hot dog water, right? nobody is going to reward you for making that choice.

but you should all go get some limòn chips. the more bags they sell, the more likely they are to keep selling them.

Anonymous said...

would you rather not shower for a whole year, or not be able to brush your teeth for a whole year.

Nicole said...

This is so funny, I used to play this all the time with...well whoever would play with me! So I'll definetly play, even if I don't win anything, it is pretty funny to see what the majority votes! I love Dr. Pepper and hot tamales, if you are ever in Indiana stop by and we can enjoy them together (I have a stash at all times) Also, my boys and I love Don't let the pigeon drive the bus. I just bought The pigeon wants a puppy, it is a funny one too!

Brimley Girl said...

Hot dog water has more of a smokey, salty flavor than bland chicken water.

Jayne said...

Kim--Dog food for sure!

Jason--leg eaten by a shark--no question.

happiness overhaul--no teeth brushing (sorry Jed), but that was a toughy!

See, I told you it was funny!

ali said...

every party need a pooper that's why we invited pooper!

I love this game. and when I come visit you in Utah we can play this for hours.

Anonymous said...

Ali...I started singing that song as soon as I read your comment! Love it!

Jaynie, how about one more...

would you rather roll in a pile of cow poo or eat a big fat hairy spider?

Me, I would roll and roll until my hearts content. You can always take a bath. :)

Jed, my husband is just like you. It cracks me up. His answer last night was...."uuummmm, neither!" Then he asked my why I was being so dumb. that's so funny!

jayniemoon said...

Two questions:
1) is the cow poo wet or dry?
2) How big is the hairy spider?

If the poo is wet and the spider is normal spider size (no bigger than a dime,) I take eating the spider.

Anonymous said...


It's nasty moist poo that attracts the biggest green biting flies on a 90 degree day. And the spider is the ones they ate on fear factor. Bigger than a dime for sure.

I am so rolling in the poo. I would do it just like Tommy Boy!

One more for the husband asked me this one tonight...just to toy with me. Would you rather eat a vein found in a cooked chicken breast or eat the white slimy sperm looking thing in an egg. There I was with both right in front of me. Guess what I did? I pulled a Jed!!! Neither. I am such a chicken. Kevin called my bluff. Darn it.
Kim :)

Anonymous said...

Uggggg...the chicken vein or the egg sperm...that's a good one. Funny! I remember staying up really late one night at the cabin playing this game, Jayne. Do you remember? I'm really good at making the questions up and laughing at everyone elses questions, but I am no good at coming up with an answer. Won't Jed even come up with questions? He'd have some good ones, I'm sure.

Chuck said...

Well before you go removing the current poll, I think you should make another post and list them as you go... the statistics are fun and interesting... Just create a link directly to the expired polls (or previous polls)...

Classic Question:

Would you rather be:
-Completely hairy all over you body or
-Completely bald, not a single hair...?

jayniemoon said...

I took it off before I read your comment! I don't even get your comment! Will you do it for me next time you're here? I will save this next one. I love your would you rather question. That should be one for the polls.
My answer: Completely bald, not a hair on me.