Sunday, May 10, 2009

How Was Your Mother's Day?

I know I make Mother's Day hard for Jed sometimes. See, I want him to do something, to recognize me, to surprise me--you know, nice stuff like that, but I don't want him to spend a lot of money. I'm the money miser in our relationship--that is for a whole other blog--and I stress out about him spending too much money. I'm not the kind in those cheesy Jared commercials opening a velvet box with a diamond heart necklace and wiping a tear and falling in love all over again. If I were to open a velvet box with a heart diamond necklace at this point in my life, I would 1) ask why in the world he chose a heart and 2) wipe tears, not because I was suddenly breathtakingly in love, but because he spent so much money.

One great holiday of some sort, Jed bought me a short sleeved hoodie and another jacket from Old Navy. I really liked them both, but was nervous he spent too much money. So I was secretly going to take one back. But then I found out that he'd gotten them on clearance! What a man! One day, though, one day, when he's making all kinds of money, I swear I'll let him surprise me with something big. And it better not be a diamond heart necklace.

So you see I make it hard. I want the thoughtfulness--but I don't want a lot of money spent--and I claim to not need anything--but I might like something anyway--but it has to be on sale--and on it goes. But he does an awesome job. He is figuring me out.

This year he got me vegetable plants for our garden. Perfect. See, I've been dying to plant a garden (what is summer without garden tomatoes?) and he worked all day yesterday to make a spot and then surprised me with vegetables. So great. He also just takes good care of me all day, and that is always a welcome gift.

Here are a couple of other highlights:

Julian squealing while running from the kitchen through the living room and back to the kitchen--so pleased to see us every time around.

Didn't have to wake the kids or (best of all) Jed for church this morning--instead had nice breakfast they made!

Lead primary kids in singing, Mother, I Love You. Best calling ever.

Notes, cards, flowers and treasure hunt made by Hazel and Parley.

Jed featured me in his Moustache May photo today (above). He loves MM so much I'm surprised he didn't get it a gift too. This inclusion was something special. Really special.

Skype call to Grandma and Grandpa Wells in Africa, and to Lindsey in Florida--bless you Skype.

BBQ at Mom and Dad's, Strawberry Shortcake at Grandma Dawn's.

All in all, pretty wonderful day. Hope yours was great too!


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jayne! I spent the weekend honoring my mother in law and my sweet little mom! It was a wonderful weekend filled with family.

I love them!

Happy Mother's Day to you! :)


Lindsey said...

Yes...bless you Skype. Although the connection was not so great it was so good to see your beautiful face and to see your darling kids! I just hope they remember me!

Happy Mothers Day, Jayne! Have fun with your vegetable garden, that is such a great present! Love you!

Janssen said...

I too am caught in the "surprise me, but don't spend money" trap. I am a joy, I'm sure :)

And I am the primary chorister too. We sang "Mother Dear" in sacrament meeting and I got to give several lovely children the evil eye as they wrestled the pulpit microphone around in front of the whole audience.

Wells said...

We missed the Wells backyard dinner this year and were thinking of you guys. Glad you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I could not put my finger on who Jed looks like. And, since he is an "actor" I will pose this question:

Was Jed in Super Troopers?

I think it's the mustache?


Teachinfourth said...

I'm with you on not spending a lot of money on things...better to save up and get out of debt.

Hope your day was great.

Shana said...

Jayne, who is that pedophile in that beautiful photo of you?