Wednesday, May 13, 2009

 Another Great Reason to Teach Kids to Pray

Parley prayed:

Thanks that we could clean up really good and get stronger and stronger.
Thanks that we can ride our bikes faster and faster.
Please bless mommy that she is in my family. That she could be so beautiful.
That she could be so nice to us. That she could have lots of food.
Please bless Hazey that she could be in my family. That she could be so nice to me.
That she could have juice.
Please bless Daddy that he could shovel everything.

And I swear, Jed has never shoveled better than today.  


Megs said...

okay. seriously? that's the best thing i've ever read. ever.

emze said...

Wow, Parley is a fantastic prayer. Very eloquent. I, too, hope you get your fill of food, that Hazey gets her juice, and that Jed can shovel the hell out of whatever he may come across. What a sweet little guy Parley is.

Hannah :) said...

how sweet!!!

I love little ones' prayers!

Lisa said...



Teachinfourth said...

So, is he taking requests as well? I mean, if Jed is shoveling better than ever, Hazey has her juice, and you are in the family and beautiful, I see that as batting 100.

I'd like a pony.

Mustang. Red.

Lindsey said...

Nice. Just leave-out Julian, Parley.

But, really, that is the sweetest! Parley you are so handsome!!!

Nicole said...

Kids and their prayers are fantastic! So cute!!

kt said...

love it.

it's hard to teach kids not to giggle during prayers when the adults can't even contain themselves at such times.

Anonymous said...

jed does remind me of the shoveler. but with the stache... when the shoveler was in that happy texas movie.

Anonymous said...

Parley is full of wisdom! The other day he said, "Grandma we're all boneheads because our heads are made of bones huh?" Me, chuckling, "That's right Parley". "But, its kind of just a joke, huh Grandma?" Cutest kid. I could just imagine Jayne or Jed explaining why Grandpa Clark had called someone a "bonehead". Hehe!

jed said...

there's some truth in that, lisa. the whole truth is that P's dad calls him a bone and a dough head, and when the bone part made sense (because he could feel that his head really was made of bone) the dough part still ticks him off. he refuses to believe that he could have a head full of dough, as i insist it is.