Monday, May 25, 2009

You Won't See Me

I ran into a friend the other day at a garage sale.

She said, "Was that you I saw yesterday?'
I said, "I don't know--where?"
She said, "Running, by--"
"No." I interrupted.
(Then I heard a burst of laughter from my mom--apparently evesdropping on the conversation.)

She did not need to finish, because if my baby isn't heading for the street or a glass of milk isn't falling off the table, I do not run.

I would have let her finish if she had said, "briskly walking" or maybe even, "totally moving while pushing a stroller," but I could quite confidently answer that she had not seen me running the day before.  

Oh, but if you see someone who looks like me that just won an art contest, baked a fancy dessert at the party, or came up with a cure for cancer, it probably is me.  But if I don't wave, I'm probably just tired (you would be too if you did all that stuff!).   


Teachinfourth said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you, Jayne. Running is for trying to escape from communist spies and kidnappers.

Running is for when you are about to have an accident and need to get to a bathroom quickly.

Running is for rescuing old people from nursing home fires.

Running is NOT a recreational sport.

Running is not a public performance.

Running is not for me...

ali said...

running is a form of torture I like to do to myself strictly for weightloss purposes! I don't blame you ONE BIT!

ktb said...

It was probably me.

Jayne said...

OH Katy, so awesome. You are the best.

Ali, the picture on your blog of us reminds me that I should be running. I just don't.

megan said...

I'm with you. On Saturday, I got done hearing my brother in law tell about at 50K he had run earlier in the day (why anyone would run over 30 miles is beyond me). Then Jack and my nephew needed some sticks. The only trees were down the road a ways. I volunteered to "run" and get some. I could only run half the way there before I thought, "this sucks." and "I am tired." and "I don't like to run, so I am going to walk." I know I am a wuss, and I am out of shape, but I still don't like to run. 50k? maybe a 5K walk.

ali said...

whatever jayner. we both look less than fabulous in that photo. at least you know that in real life you are skinny minnie! It must be all that cream cheese and sour cream you omit from your diet.

Anonymous said...

I want to get a shirt made that says "Running is for emergencies."

Adrienne said...

Amen to that! Also amen to running from commies.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the burst of laughter, but you would have done the same thing if someone had asked if it was ME they had seen running, or entering a cooking contest, or lasting one day on Survivor.
I loved the look on your face when she asked you Jayne. You're so awesome. It could definitely be you writing a book, a newspaper column, or entertaining a classroom of children (or adults).And a whole lot of other stuff!
I think it WAS Katy Knight though. :) Katy, you're awesome too.
Love, Muth