Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Married for 9 Years 

Yes, as in three days ago on the 17th.  Instead I posted about children's rides.  Jed BEGGED me to post about him and all that lovey stuff like how hot he is and how he totally rules and how he is so good at mowing the lawn and shoveling everything.   But I had to get that ball rolling with Mothers against everything fun that costs money (MAEFTCM)!  So poor Jed gave me the silent treatment all day and made pouting faces while pointing to the calendar.  But, you'll never believe it, I don't have time again!  Darn you, One Life to Live!  Ah well, ten years is the big one anyway right? 

But what I do have time for, are these photos from the trip we took to celebrate.  (Jed is in some of them.)


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so cute! Love the pics!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! I am on vacation. Lots to do, so little time!

K in OH

ali said...

yowzers! You guys are regular pros at this marriage thing! I am lamenting over the fact that you did not list off all the wonderful qualities your wonderful husband possesses including, but not limited to, spirituality attributes, his high ranking church calling, and how he has made you dinner and given you foot massages every night for the last 10 years.! Congratulations.

Odle Family said...

Jayne you crack me up. Loved the pictures.

emze said...

Well, did Jed post how fantastic you are all over his twitter page?

tweet: I love my wife
tweet: I am so lucky to be married to Jayne?
tweet: I can't stop thinking about my hot wife.
tweet: My wife is the best mother to our beautiful children

... you know, things of that nature?

k a t y said...

Well, year 9 is pottery anyway, so I don't think you have anything to worry about.

....unless, did you forget to give him pottery?

JAMIE said...

congrats guys. i love those pics

Anonymous said...

Love Jed's shirt. Unfortunately, my husband has tried the rocker T's and failed. He looks better in ties.

The children are beautiful.

-Megan Putman

Teachinfourth said...

Jayne, it was so great to see you again tonight! It has been far too long...it was also nice to finally meet Jed in person; I'd seen so many of his photos and read so much about him I felt that I knew him. Tell him thanks again for indulging me in 'shop talk' about the Mark II; let him know that his 'testimony' cinched the decision for me.

millie said...

i'm just a lowly follower who found you through cjane and i always admire the darling photos and videos you post of your adorable family. pray tell what sort of cameras do you shoot with for your still shots and those lovely days of the week on elm videos?

admiring and loving always,

Anonymous said...

Those ARE beautiful photos! I'm glad that you made the time to go on a little trip together and with your wonderful little ones. You guys are great!Love, M

jayniemoon said...

there are no lowly followers--I'm flattered anyone cares about my silly little collection of stuff! Thanks for the compliment.

Jed shoots (both his stills and video) on his precious Cannon Mark 2. If one day there is a fire, no doubt Jed will grab his camera and take shots of it burning down and then remember to grab us too. Okay, an exaggeration, but it is a VERY special friend.

jed said...


it's a canon 5d mark2 (if you're getting technical).

jed said...


it's a canon 5d mark2 (if you're getting technical).