Thursday, June 25, 2009

Risking Expensive Camera


Ginna said...

and well worth it I'd say!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your kids are getting so big! :)

Happy Summer Fun!


western dave said...

after the headphones accident i'm suprised he put the 5D at risk.

a not so desperate housewife said...

love 'em.

Tamsin said...

The one of you is my fave. Great lighting :)

Jayne said...

Western Dave,
Wow. To what can I attribute a signed comment? Wow.

Anonymous said...


I have another would you rather for you:

Would you rather:

give me Jed's recipe for oatmeal cookies


have my husband complain that he has to buy me a plane ticket to Utah. All for the love of Oatmeal Cookies.

Hmmmm. That's a tough one.

Love, you know who

megan said...

Sure, Jayne. Get us all hot at playgroup, then post these awesome pool pics. Granted, Julian looked like he needed a dip, poor guy, but come on!

When do we get to swim too? :)

Jayne said...

Kim! Kim!

I seriously have said to Jed like 5 times, "We need to send Kim that cookie recipe!"
I promise promise to send it. And I am honest. Watch for it sooooooooon.

Sandy Toes said...

What pretty pictures!
sandy toe

JAMIE said...

so worth it those pics are magical... in fact i would love one of those fancy camera myself.

YellowMutt said...

Love the pics!!...Jed I love the feel of your images, the color/light makes them feel so nostalgic. do you have an action set you use to create that feel? please advise...I want to know your secret!!! :0)

jed said...

thanks @yellow mutt,

no action sets, my dear. but thanks for noticing the 'nostalgic' thing. it's actually some split toning dialed into the camera.